Saturday, February 27, 2021


 Hello WIN METHOD Yankee fans, the smartest baseball fans on the face of the earth.  It has been a long time since I last blog posted.  However, there have been comments within the blog from me.  So here we go for 2021.

First, the Yankees will be in the playoffs again this season, but they also will play in the World Series.  In talking with players, they are not happy with what they have achieved the past few seasons.  They feel they have something to prove and want to do it now.  Most of the players have undertaken a new or modified training program instituted by the training staff.  Look for less injuries and less severe injuries this season.  That will be a step forward and a plus for the team as a whole.

Second, Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon both feel very optimistic with what each will contribute to the Yankees success this season.  Both players believe their injuries are behind them.  As of now, the Yankee starting rotation looks like it will have four men in the first four spots right now.  Cole, Kluber, Taillon, and Montgomery.  The fifth spot will be determined in March.  The guys who do not make the fifth spot will either be sent to AAA Scranton or long relievers on the big team.  Then the big guy Louie Louie Severino will make his return to the Bronx in June.  The pitching staff looks solid and has many fall back arms to rely on.  The bullpen remains solid and strong, also with several young arms looking to make an impact.

Third, the lineup will be solid again, more important, will be healthier.  Runs will be put on the board.  The biggest question mark will be at catcher.  Catcher Gary Sanchez has been a black hole in the Yankee lineup recently, ala afraud in the past.  Gary Sanchez is being mentored and talked to by coaches and trainers.  Sanchez feels it is helping him,  As the season starts, we will all see if it has.  Sanchez himself is the only person who can really make it happen.  It is up to him.  A big WIN METHOD season from Sanchez would be a big help to the lineup and the team.  If he does what he has been doing the last couple of seasons, Gary's days could be short lived.

As you all know I always read all posts by all of you who post here.  Looking at the numbers of views recorded on the WIN METHOD blog there are also an enormous number of fans who read the blog consistently.  You fans will take this blog, the number one Yankee baseball blog in the world over the one billion mark somewhere around June 1st this year.  You are the people who take this blog in the direction you want it to go on a daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever time frame basis.  This past year, we saw a very shortened baseball season, we saw a disgusting Chinese created virus, spread throughout the world by the most foul Chinese government, killing millions of people from all countries across the globe.  We had a presidential election here in America.  The election was the most corrupt election in the history of America stolen by the most corrupt politicians in America's history.  We now have the most corrupt politicians in America's history running our country.  They will do their best to destroy America.  Hopefully, you the people will do whatever you need to do to stop the destruction.

It is now back to baseball and a great Yankee season.  Thank all of you for reading and posting your views and opinions in this blog.  You are the people who have made the WIN METHOD blog the best and greatest Yankee baseball blog, forum, or site in the world.  We here are WIN METHOD will continue to have no signups, no ask for no personal information from you, no advertisements, and no bans of anyone.  You, your views, and your opinions do not get canceled here.  Unlike big tech, other baseball forums or sites which control you by banning or canceling you, here, that will never happen.

One more thing before I conclude.  I would like to recognize the life and pay my respects to RUSH HUDSON LIMBAUGH III who passed away February 17th.  Rush was the greatest radio and political commentator of all time.  Rush's radio career spanned over thirty years.  Rush's show was three hours a day, five days week, fifty-two weeks a year.  Rush was right 99.8% of the time and one of the finest American patriots who believed in freedom and pursuit of happiness of every single American.   Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.

It is baseball time again.  Lets look forward to a great season and as always LETS GO YANKEES.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Finally, it looks like we will have some semblance of a Major League Baseball season in 2020.  Baseball for 2020 was halted by a Chinese oriented deadly virus that is traveling the world and killing massive amounts of innocent people.  In March baseball was shut down as was most of America.  As most of America regains its footing and is starting to recover, so is baseball.

The MLB owners and the MLBPA (players association) yesterday have agreed to play a partial 2020 season commencing around July 23-24.   A second spring training will open July 1st, and each team will get in shape in their own home ballparks all across the nation.  There is tentatively a 60 game season that will be played.  There is always a probability what I post here may be amended by the owners, players, and baseball commissioner.  Each division will play 40 games in their own division.  That would make for 40 games, 10 with each rival in their division.  Each team would also play 4 games against each team in their opposite division for 20 games making for the total of a 60 game season.  The divisions will play each other geographically limiting travel.  East vs east, central vs central, and west vs west.  The regular season will end the last week of September.  As of now each division winner and two wild cards in each league will make the playoffs.  That is the same as the 162 game season.  The inferior AAAA national league will use the designated hitter for their games for the first time in baseball history.  The American League has used the designated hitter since April 6, 1973 when Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees became the league's first ever designated hitter.  Also extra inning games will be started with a runner on second base which makes a mockery of the game and is a sham that demeans the game of baseball.  Not all changes are bad, however this change is bad.

The playoffs will conclude the season as usual hopefully ending in October.  In the end as it always has and hopefully always will the best players and best teams will reach the playoffs and then advance to the final series, the world's greatest sports event the WORLD SERIES.

The season without question will be shorter and different.  Look at it this way, every one of the sixty games becomes far more important and losing streaks will eliminate teams fast, while a big winning streak can carry a team right into the playoffs.  The players will need to get their heads fully into the season from the first game on.   The fun part is the WIN METHOD becomes even more important.  The players who produce when it matters most and do it the most often will lead their team through the season and into the playoffs.   Hopefully all goes well healthwise and the season can be completed.

No matter what, happens and as always, LETS GO YANKEES!

PS....thank you all, WIN METHOD fans from all over the world for your unwavering support, your comments, and for being the most intelligent baseball fans in the world.   The ignorance of the stat frauds  doesn't exist here.  They have no game.  They are  losers who love losing players.

Friday, November 1, 2019

WIN METHOD - HOT STOVE --- 2019 - 2020

It is that time again WIN METHOD fans.  The 2019 baseball season has concluded.  The best teams and the best players made it to the playoffs and after advancing through the playoffs by winning each series and eliminating each team they played, the Washington Nationals won the World Series and are the best baseball team and the best baseball players in the world.  Congratulations to the Nationals for all you have accomplished.  There is only one way for a team and for players to become the best of the best, and that is with wins and winning.  No individual stat matters.  Only wins and winning make you the best.  Sorry stat frauds, when you learn this you will learn real baseball.

Yes, the 2019 season is over.  The YANKEES did their best and it was not good enough as they lost to the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series.  However, it looked like the YANKEES took enough out of the Astros  that it may have cost them winning the World Series.  The YANKEES will need some work to do this winter to find and to put together the last few pieces they need to become the best of the best.  Considering the massive amounts of crippling injuries our YANKEE team had to endure over the season, making the playoffs was a fine achievement in itself.  But that was the past.  Now we look to the future.

There are likely as many opinions as there are YANKEE fans on what the team needs to do over the winter to '"win it all" in 2020.  There is the free agent route with several pieces available, there are our own pieces available who if healthy for an entire season will help, and then there are own in house pieces available that are blooming and growing in the minors.   Several of which may contribute greatly in 2020.  There are also trade possibilities that may become on option.

YANKEE management will be busy this winter.  How much money to spend on talent.  Is the money spent worth the investment?   Paying players very high salaries for multiple years is seldom a remedy, and in fact has hurt teams who have gone that route more than it has helped them,  The trade route is a possibility, but it takes two parties to make a deal that each party feels is good for their team.  Then there is the bloom and grow route.  Spring training will provide some answers, but the hot stove will be only ashes before spring training provides some answers.  We will just have to see what happens and how things shake out this winter and spring.  Each decision made by management determines how and what the next decision may be.  Throwing money at big contracts is up to management.  You WIN METHOD fans know my opinion on big long term contracts, 'just say no'.  We said no to Harper and Machado last year and it paid dividends over the season as the YANKEES made the playoffs even with all the injuries.  Harper and Machado each cost their team a lot of dollars and neither team made the playoffs and are saddled with many years of an overpaid single piece of talent.

Lets all have a fun hot stove season, keep offering your opinions, thoughts, and ideas, and be happy you are not the one making the decisions.  Remember fans, the YANKEE management team has more knowledge and information than you (we) do.   There must be financial limits and that is one thing everyone should remember.  So, here we go, let's turn on the stove and see what we can cook up.  LETS GO YANKEES.

Monday, September 30, 2019


Here we are WIN METHOD fans.   Despite a season long rash of debilitating injuries to an overwhelming amount of players, our New York YANKEES have won 103 games, won the American League East Championship and have qualified as one of five best teams in the American League.

The YANKEES will host the Minnesota Twins scheduled for Friday, October 4th, at Yankee Stadium in the first game of a best of five series.   The team that wins any of the series in the post season playoffs will be the team whose players produce when it matters most in each game.  Only the best teams with the best players will win and move on to the next series.  All the teams and players who made the playoffs are the best in baseball.  All the other players in baseball are done and are going home to watch the playoffs on television.  Many of the highest paid players in baseball are going home.  They are going home because they are not the best and are only paid because of their high meaningless individual stats.

Speaking of high paid losers going home and not making the playoffs.  How wonderful did it turn out for the YANKEES by not signing either of the 300 million dollar losers, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper.  If the YANKEES had signed either, the YANKEES would not have made the playoffs and their chances in the future would have been seriously compromised.  Even though it can be done it is hard playing around players who contaminate your team.....remember the afraud years.

Lets hope the YANKEES get it all together, body and soul, and produce the most when it counts and go as far into the playoffs as their talents can take them.  No matter how the playoffs turn out, it has been a great season, with next season, and future seasons looking very promising and bright as the YANKEE newcomers bloom and grow.  So here we are, LETS GO YANKEES.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


We are halfway thru the 2019 baseball season and the YANKEES are in first place, playing great WIN METHOD baseball while overcoming countless injuries to so many vital players, some of which who haven't played an inning so far this season.  Players have stepped up with almost everyone producing when it counts most and winning games.  We all know wins and winning are the only stats that matter.   We here laud and praise winning players and teams while the stat frauds and talking heads laud losing players for what the losers accomplish for themselves.  Then to defend their adoration of the high stat losers, the frauds blame the players teammates.   As the YANKEES enter the second half of the 2019 season the team just needs to keep winning and keep playing WIN METHOD baseball.

YANKEE management is on the prowl for an acceptable starting pitcher to sign before the July 31st deadline.  There are only a couple WIN METHOD qualified pitchers available so many of the names being thrown around will not be a Yankee.  Hopefully things will work out and the Yankees will get what they want.  It takes two parties to make a deal, unless you are foolish and overpay and wind up not getting a decent deal.

The other great news is, this morning the YANKEES  have signed a sixteen year old named Jasson Dominguez from the Dominican Republic.   All I can say is WIN METHOD, WIN METHOD, WIN METHOD.  Jasson's father is a lifelong YANKEE fan.  The YANKEES had to pay a pretty penny for Jasson.  Somewhere around a five million dollar signing bonus because he was coveted by many other MLB teams.   Jasson reminds me of Mickey Mantle.  For you younger fans here, look up what Mickey Mantle did over his career to help lead the YANKEES to great success for many seasons.  I am very pleased with this signing and hoping Jasson blooms and grows achieving greatness in helping lead the YANKEES in future years.

Thank you WIN METHOD fans for your never ending support on this blog.   You all live in reality, and you all know baseball, and you all know wins and winning determines the best players and the best teams.  As the YANKEES play these final three months of the regular season, lets all root for and support our NY YANKEES.    LETS GO YANKEES.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Winter is over, the hot stove is off.  Spring training games are finished, now the season begins.  Over the next 162 games the ten best teams will go on to the playoffs.  This is the time when producing when it counts matters most and over the next 162 games the best players in the game will go to the playoffs.  Wins and winning is all that matters and only wins and winning will get the best players and the best teams to the playoffs.

The NEW YORK YANKEES completed a banner off season obtaining several players who will play for the team to win and who know that winning as a team and doing all the little things that can help the team win is what matters most in the end.  Paxton, Happ, Britton, Tulowitzki, Lemahieu, Voit, and others know that only wins, and not individual stats, are what gets a team to the playoffs.  The YANKEE hierarchy was brilliant by not signing either Manny Machado or Bryce Harper to ten and thirteen year contracts for the amount of money each is getting that neither player is worth, and would have crippled the YANKEES for the decade ahead.   Look for the YANKEES to win more World Series than the Padres and Phillies combined over the next decade.

With the blossoming of the YANKEES own core of youngsters who have bloomed and are now growing in the major leagues at the nucleus of this 2019 team, the YANKEES are set to recapture the division title in the American League East.  The YANKEES will start this season with a handful of key players on the disabled list (DL), however the YANKEES as every other team will have to play the hand they are dealt and overcome obstacles put in front of them.  Yes, the YANKEES can and the YANKEES will.

What is most promising is the future ahead.  The YANKEES have been able to obtain many WIN METHOD youngsters with a bright future and an unlimited ceiling.  Keep an eye out for Estevan Florial who has the tools to be the YANKEE center fielder of the future.   There are also several starting pitchers in the minors that will step forward to be major league impact starters for the YANKEES.

Thank you, to all the readers and posters of the WIN METHOD blog.  You all have contributed to this blog surpassing 548 million views and you all have made this baseball blog the best in the world.
The season starts in a couple of days and a great season it will be for the YANKEES.  Thank you all again for you support, your comments, and your opinions.  All of which are posted with intelligence and wisdom far beyond any other site, blog, or forum in existence.    LETS GO YANKEES.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

WIN METHOD ------ HOT STOVE 2018-2019

The 2018 season is over.  Small success as the YANKEES reached the playoffs.  Big failure as the YANKEES lost the ALDS and did not go as far into the playoffs as they did in 2017.   So on to 2019.

The YANKEES had far too many injuries in 2018.  Some of the injuries kept players out not for days, but for weeks and months, and some for the season and into the coming 2019 season.

The YANKEES front office has some work to do this winter and the hot stove should be ready to start getting very warm.  The YANKEE primary need appears to be a front line starting pitcher and a good left handed bat.  Trading away Torres or Andujar would be a major boondoggle and a blunder that the team may not be able to overcome.  The YANKEES will not start the season with Montgomery and Gregorius, both out with major injuries.  The YANKEES have already resigned Bret Gardner for 2019 on a one season contract deal.  I cannot go into who the YANKEES should or should not sign here for proprietary reasons, I will leave that to all you brilliant WIN METHOD posters with all the common sense in the world.   I will say that if things go right there will be one giant acquisition that should help the team enormously.

Don't forget, this team despite the countless injuries, won 100 games in 2018 and where eliminated from the playoffs by a team that won 108 games in 2018, defeated the YANKEES and then defeated the Houston Astros who won 103 games in 2018, and then went on to win the World Series easily trouncing the inferior league champion LA Dodgers.

Keep an eye on the hot stove and lets see what happens.  I don't touch or go near the hot stove, what happens this winter is up to Brian Cashman, Hal Steinbrenner, and the Yankee hierarchy.  Lets hope for the best and LETS GO YANKEES.

Monday, October 1, 2018


Yes WIN METHOD fans the 2018 YANKEES have won enough games to reach the playoffs, also known as the second season.  Only ten teams make it to the playoffs and the only determining factor that allows these ten teams into the playoffs is WINS.   Only WINS and winning define the best players and teams.  Nothing else matters no matter what the phony fake stat frauds try to tell you, only wins get teams into the playoffs.  We all know what the stat frauds can do with their meaningless stats.  That's right, the frauds are going home to watch the teams with enough WINS play in the second season.

This years YANKEES again have reached the playoffs as a wild card team and they did so with 100 wins.  Three superior American League teams won over 100 games this season, none in the inferior national league.  Being a wild card team means the Yankees to advance to the next round of playoffs  will have to defeat a strong Oakland Athletics team in a one game win or go home game at YANKEE Stadium on Wednesday night.

Considering the astounding amount of injuries that kept many of the Yankee star players out of the lineup for so many games this season, winning 100 games and making the playoffs was a very solid result for this team.   I must give special recognition to Miguel Andujar who will be named rookie of the year and will become one of the great names in baseball over the next decade.  A very special player.

No matter the outcome of this seasons playoffs, I am already looking forward to the 2019 season.  Yes WIN METHOD fans I will be around for another season.   There is still much blooming and growing going on with the YANKEE youngsters with more to come.

Now, on to the second season and hope it is more than one game.  LETS GO YANKEES!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


The conclusion to the regular 162 game 2018 season is coming fast.  Ten teams will make the playoffs and the other twenty teams will conclude their season, go home, and watch the ten best teams in Major League Baseball play in the playoffs and try to win their way to the World Series.

The ten teams that reach the playoffs will do so by achieving WINS, with each division winner making the playoffs and then the next two teams in each league who have the most WINS but who did not win any division going to the playoffs.  Five teams in each league.  The three division winners and the next two teams with the most wins in the league as wild cards.

With just about fifty games to be played in the regular season it appears the YANKEES will not win their division and will have to settle for a wild card position as they did last season.  Last season the YANKEES rode their playoff spot to within one game (one more WIN) of reaching the World Series.
Nothing but wins and winning determines the best players and teams, no other stat of any kind for hitters or pitchers make any difference.    Who each team plays in the playoffs are only determined by WINS.  And advancing each round are only determined by WINS.   Nothing else matters, but WINS.

I would like to mention my observations on this 2018 YANKEE team so far this season.  I will not go into injuries because every team has injuries to varying degrees and I find that injuries are part of the game, a part that every team must deal with and overcome to be the best.  The aspect I will talk about is the very distinct lack of hustle, urgency, and even desire I have seen from some players and management.  Jogging down to first base on grounders, not running hard on fly balls and or popups is unacceptable at anytime within the confines of other runners on base.  Hitting a fly ball that you think is going over the fence and would be a home run and jogging down the line only to watch the ball bounce between fielders or off the wall and instead of maybe getting a triple settling for a double.  Any time these events occur and are not addressed by the manager and they continue time and time again a distinct lack of leadership and control is evident.   This attitude and their acceptance must be corrected immediately by all involved.   I have seen and heard from many fans who see what is happening and have voiced their dismay in this blog over and over.   I have been around baseball for sixty years and have never seen this from a YANKEE team.  WIN METHOD fans deserve better as all YANKEE fans should.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018


It is here WIN METHOD fans.  Tomorrow we start the 2018 baseball season.  We start with high hopes, high pie in the sky hopes.  The goal is winning the division, making the playoffs and advancing from there as far as wins and winning can take us.

This season we appear to have improved the roster in all areas.  Adding Stanton, Walker, Drury, etc. will surely make this team better.  Having Robertson, Kahnle, and Gray for the entire season should also improve the team.  The only injury of consequence is Greg Birds bone spur, the surgery he just underwent, and him being out for about two months.  As usual we will play the hand we are dealt and overcome all roadblocks and obstacles.

We have several players at AAA Scranton chomping at the bit while blooming and growing that will be heard from and make their presence felt this season.  You know their names, Torres, Andujar, German, and others.   This 2018 Yankee team is deep, has gained confidence and experience, and has backups close at hand.

As I started to write this post I noticed a post by Cory.  I thought his post was very insightful and  positive and I didn't want it to get bypassed because of being posted in a past blog, so I am  reposting it right here now.  Thank you for your post Cory.
----- I will be doing the ten game sets and posting them here as I did last season.
Here is the sets from last season.
10. 6-4
20. 7-3 = 13-7
30. 8-2 = 21-9
40. 3-7 = 24-16
50. 6-4 = 30-20
60. 7-3 = 37-23
70. 2-8 = 39-31
80. 4-6 = 43-37
90. 4-6 = 47-43
100. 7-3 = 54-46
110. 5-5 = 59-51
120. 6-4 = 65-55
130. 5-5 = 70-60
140. 5-5 = 75-65
150. 8-2 = 83-67
160. 7-3 = 90-70
Note the sets from games 61-90. We were 10-20. That is awful baseball. Still finished 91-71. With everything else staying the same if that 30 game skid could be bettered this season to just 15-15 that would mean this season could wind up 96-66. If we improve the three 5-5 sets from last season by one game that would take this season to 99-63. And if we raise the 3-7 set to 4-6 that could take this season to 100 wins.
It will be up to the players on the field producing when it matters most, but it is surely possible.-----

It is not only Cory with great posts, it is all of your posts, every single one of you from all over the world who post your comments and views here.  And all of the readers of the WIN METHOD blog from all over the world, even if you do not post.  We have surpassed 320 million views and are getting bigger and bigger every day.  Yes, we still get some stat frauds, but they are good for us and also and serve a purpose.  The stat frauds give us a guidepost and remind us of just how meaningless and useless their individual stats are.  There is no doubt to anyone here who is a WIN METHOD fan that only wins can take a team to the playoffs.  Only wins and winning as always, do now, and always will in the future, determine the best players and teams.  THANK YOU ALL WIN METHOD FANS.

Now it is just about that time where we all stand up and cheer our team for the 2018 season!


Thursday, February 22, 2018


The YANKEES play their first spring training game of 2018 tomorrow.  The players, the team, and the fans are looking forward to a very good season in 2018.  The playoffs are a must, and then advancing far as they can through the playoffs is the goal.  With hopefully getting to and winning the World Series the ultimate goal.

There are so many youngsters in this camp and in the YANKEE minor league system who are blooming and growing, each at their own rate.  Many of which will help the YANKEES win games this season, next season, and in future seasons.  And we all know success, greatness, and being the best can only be earned with wins and winning.   WIN METHOD fans who have read and posted on this blog for almost a decade now already know this.  You newcomers to this blog will learn real baseball here, not fantasy games, not with fake stats, and not with man made convoluted formulas that have no real value and are therefore meaningless.   You can't be the best unless you win.

The YANKEE acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton, who has always wanted to be a YANKEE and who used his power to negate trades and to what team he would be traded to forced the Miami Marlins into trading him to the YANKEES.  Stanton added to the lineup of Judge, Sanchez, Bird, Gregorius, and others will make for a very formidable offense.

The YANKEES have a couple of rookies looking to make their MLB debut this season with YANKEES.  Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres at third base and second base will make their debuts at some point this season as they bloom and grow.   Rookie pitchers Chance Adams and Justus Sheffield both may have an impact at some point this season for the YANKEES.

As the spring training games begin, lets all hope for a healthy injury free spring and much blooming and growing.  LETS GO YANKEES!

Monday, October 23, 2017


The YANKEES have reached the end of their fantastic 2017 season.  And a great season it was, accomplishing more than any pundits and most fans expected.  But not here at the WIN METHOD, where it was stated the YANKEES would make the playoffs and beyond, and where likely every WIN METHOD fan believed would happen.  The YANKEES not only reached the playoffs, but they won the wild card game against the Minnesota Twins to advance to the American League Division Series (ALDS).  In the ALDS the YANKEES had the Cleveland Indians waiting for them to play a best of five game series.  The Indians won 102 games during the season and were looking to go back to the World Series where they lost in seven games last season. The Indians won the first two games and the YANKEES had their backs to the wall.  You WIN METHOD fans, the smartest most intelligent baseball fans never gave up, you rooted your team on, never gave up, and the YANKEES themselves never game up as they went on to defeat the Indians in the next three games.  An amazing comeback for the YANKEES.  By winning the ALDS the YANKEES moved on to the American League Championship Series (ALCS) where they had the Houston Astros waiting for them.  Houston won 101 games over the season and are a young developing great team.  The ALCS is a best of seven game series and the winner goes to the World Series and the losing team ends their season.  The Astros won the first two games of the series and the YANKEES again had their backs to the wall.  The YANKEES never gave up and neither did you WIN METHOD fans.  The YANKEES came back to win the next three games of the series.  The YANKEES just needed to win one of the next two games in Houston to go to the World Series.  The Astros had other thoughts in mend and they also never gave up and the Astros came back to win the two games in Houston and move on to the World Series.  The YANKEE season was over.  But the blooming and growing was just beginning.  The 2017 YANKEES achieved more than the baseball world expected.  The WIN METHOD fans were not surprised, WIN METHOD fans being the most intelligent and knowledgeable in baseball were well aware of what their YANKEE team could achieve as the youngsters started to bloom and grow.
Congratulations to the YANKEE players, coaches, management, front office, and ownership for allowing the YANKEE team to bloom and grow.

The off season has arrived for the YANKEES.  Time to kick back, rest, relax, and do the things you want to do and the things that you don't have time to do during the season.  Enjoy guys, you made you proud and your run is just beginning.  During the off season the YANKEE front office will have many decisions to make regarding player personnel.  No question the roster for 2018 will change, some new players will come and some will go.  The YANKEES are in a position of great power having the best minor league system in baseball and many many players blooming and growing trying to make the 2018 roster and challenge veteran players.  The front office has work to do, hard decisions to make, and make them they will.

On a side note, you the WIN METHOD fans, fans from all over the world have made it possible for the WIN METHOD  blog, the greatest Yankee and baseball blog/forum in the world to surpass a quarter of a billion views.  Thank you fans for your devotion and passion, for being smartest baseball fans that exist, and for standing up against stat frauds  and their misguided fools view of baseball.  This blog will continue without advertisements and clutter that fills every other site you may visit.  I know, you visit them for laughs.

Have fun everyone in the off season.  I will go out and find a few more WIN METHOD players to bloom and grow down the road.  Spring training 2018 is going to be a lot of fun as the kids make their push for the majors, the brightest lights and the biggest stage in baseball, the New York YANKEES.  Yes they can, and they will.  Lets go Yankees. 

Friday, June 30, 2017


Hello WIN METHOD  fans.  This season, as so many youngsters bloom and grow, has had far too many downs.  To be contending for the division title with all the injuries our players and team have sustained is remarkable and displays the character of our players and team.  We will overcome no matter what is thrown at us.

The 2017 disabled list (DL) has included Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Tyler Austin, Starlin Castro, Didi Gregorius, Aaron Hicks, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Holiday, CC Sabathia, Adam Warren, Aroldis Chapman, James Kaprielian, Gleyber Torres, Clarke Schmidt, and Dustin Fowler.   Several of these players have had their season ended.   For a few of these men recovery will take many months and they can only look forward to 2018.   The others can still contribute this season.  I just want to give a special shout out to Dustin Fowler whose injury may be the most devastating.   I have had a special liking for Dustin for a long time now and I will pray for his healing, full recovery, and return to the YANKEES in 2018.

It is truly hard to believe, that with all the injuries, this team is still right in the thick of the pennant race.   The character of these WIN METHOD players is their crutch, the attitude they display when challenged with adversity is magnificent.
They play with one goal, for the TEAM to WIN.  Everyone contributes, and they win or lose as a team.   The goal is always the playoffs and beyond, in the past, now, and in the future.   These WIN METHOD men will fight to the end.

With every setback, the door of opportunity opens for another player.   Hopefully another youngster will race through the door and seize the chance before they expected.

As WIN METHOD fans, unquestionably the smartest and most knowledgeable baseball fans in the world, we support or team, ownership, management, players, and coaches.   We don't whine and cry, and we don't criticize and blame.
We leave that to, yes you guessed it, the stat fraud losers of the world.

There is most of the season left to play and we will persevere, playing the best we can.   We will continue to bloom and grow.  The draft was wonderful and the WIN METHOD got what it wanted in several draftees.   Our number one selection will be something to look forward to.  LETS GO YANKEES.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

WIN METHOD 2017 - The season begins as we bloom and grow.

Hello WIN METHOD fans.  It is that time, the 2017 MLB season is set to begin,  tomorrow the games count.  The magic of the spring training 25-9 record means nothing.  The home runs, runs batted in, the wins, the losses the strike outs, etc, none of it makes a bit of difference.  Now is when it counts and matters, performing under pressure, and producing when it matters to earn wins for the team is all that counts.  WINS and only wins will, by seasons end, determine who are the best teams and players.  They will be the players that help lead their teams to the playoffs.

The YANKEES for 2017 and beyond are blessed with an abundance of talent all through the organization.  And success breeds success as each youngster pressures and pushes the players ahead of them to reach the final goal of reaching and playing in the major leagues.  Once there, the goal of making the playoffs and advancing to the World Series can be reached.  Hal Steinbrenner has come on board the WIN METHOD train and his decision is going to reap benefits as the YANKEES reach the playoffs more consistently and the fans come to the ballpark to see the new young talent for years to come.

The YANKEES will start the 2017 with three youngsters in the starting lineup.  Aaron Judge in right field, Greg Bird at first base, Gary Sanchez catching.  Unfortunately, shortstop Didi Gregorius is starting the season on the disabled list, hurting his shoulder playing in the sham world baseball classic fiasco.  The YANKEES have added youngster Pete Kozma to the roster to fill in until Didis' return.
Johnathon Holder another youngster is also on the roster as a relief pitcher to start the season.  During the season you will likely see many different youngsters see some time on the YANKEE roster and do not be surprised to see one or two stick with the team this season.  Two of the brightest prospects are Gleyber Torres who is on the cusp of sticking with YANKEES this season and has a very bright future ahead of him.  The second is Blake Rutherford who will start the season in single 'A' Charleston as a nineteen year old.  Blake is my own personal favorite to be a real big star in the major leagues as he shows much of the character, charisma, talent and desire of Derek Jeter.  Can you all imagine having a youngsters follow in the footsteps of Jeter who was the best MLB player in baseball over his twenty year career.  More playoffs, pennants, the World Series rings than any other player in baseball over his playing time span.

The WIN METHOD blog has now exceeded over one hundred sixty-four million views and the number one baseball blog in the world.  The growth over the past two years has been exponential as more people are learning that only WINS and winning determine who the best players and teams are in baseball.  Individual stats show abilities of players to play at different degrees.  Batting average, power, speed can be illustrated via individual stats for hitters, while strikeouts, walks, hits allowed can be illustrated for pitchers.  But, the ability of any player to be the best can only be shown by WINS and winning.  You can't be the best unless you win.  WIN METHOD fans already know this, and as more and more people from all over the world read, enjoy, and follow this blog, they also become the smartest baseball fans in the world.  They have learned that no players individual stats are more important than wins and winning.  Wins and winning is the goal of every team and should be for every player.   Wins and winning is what makes the WIN METHOD the best player evaluation tool in the world.

Now, as the 2017 season begins, we are looking for a winning season, the playoffs and beyond, as the team keeps getting better and more youngster keep getting better and becoming good enough to make the big league team.   Thank you, to all you fans from all over the world, baseballs brightest and most knowledgeable.   Lets all get ready for a great season.  LETS GO YANKEES.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Yes WIN METHOD fans, you have spoken, therefore the title of this blog post.  BLOOM AND GROW.  As 2016 nears its end, and the baseball winter meetings are held where deals are talked about and some consummated, and as the 2016 year concludes with the Christmas holidays, and the new 2017 year arrives and it will be a season for the New York YANKEES to BLOOM AND GROW.

After a couple of recent seasons of not making the playoffs, getting older as a team, disappointing the fans, dropping attendance, and overall down years, the YANKEES look like they may be going full bore at getting younger with many of their WIN METHOD selected youngsters being given a real chance to make the major league roster, make the team younger, make the team a contender more consistently and winning the World Series again.  Time for the farm to bloom and grow.

The list of YANKEE prospects is very promising.  Likely not all will make the major leagues, some may be traded away for a piece the YANKEE decision makers feel they need for a certain position.  The best part however is they will all get the chance to bloom and grow and some will make a major impact on the YANKEE team this 2017 season as Gary Sanchez has done already in the last seven weeks of the 2016 season, apparently earning the starting catcher job for the 2017 season.  Look for these names in 2017 and beyond, outfielders Clint Frazier,  Aaron Judge, Blake Rutherford, Dustin Fowler, Billy McKinney, Mason Williams, Jake Cave, Trey Amburgery, and Leonardo Molina. Infielders Gleyber Torres, Jorge Mateo, Miguel Andujar, Wilkerman Garcia, Tyler Wade, Hoy Jun Park, and Kyle Holder.  Catchers Luis Torrens, and Donny Sands.  Pitchers Justus Sheffield, Domingo Acevedo, James Kaprielian, Albert Abreu, Dillon Tate, Chance Adams, Ian Clarkin, Drew Finley, Jordan Montgomery, Chad Green, Dietrich Enns, and Freicer Perez.

Do not forget, Greg Bird returning in 2017 after missing 2016 with major shoulder surgery, other youngsters who have been placed on the 40 man roster or have seen some major league experience, Johnny Barbato, Richard Bleier, Giovanny Gallegos, Domingo German, Nick Goody, Ben Heller, Ronald Herrera, Johnaton Holder, Brian Mitchell, Yefrey Ramirez, Luis Severino, Kyle Higashioka, Rob Refsnyder and Tyler Austin.  There are so many with so much potential.

Some of these guys will become big names, some lesser names but yet accomplished major leaguers, some roll players that help make the team as best it can be,and some dealt away.  Bloom and grow. We wish them all healthy and fruitful careers wherever their career takes them.

Also, look forward to a very special day in 2017.  Mark your calendars,  Sunday, mothers day, May 14th against the Houston Astros, the YANKEES will retire the greatest ever WIN METHOD players number 2 Derek Jeter.  May the YANKEES be so blesses that as the youngsters bloom and grow we have another in the mold of Derek Jeter, the best and greatest major league baseball player in the past three decades.

Never forget that wins and winning always defines the best players and teams in the real world while individual stats and make believe made up formulas created by the foolish stat frauds are only for their fantasy games and fantasy world.


Saturday, August 6, 2016


This post is going to have quite a bit of news in it.  We will look back at several revelations, the draft, the up and coming stars, the future.  This is going to be a pretty long post, fans.

First off, I think it would be a good thing for most of you to go back to the beginning and reread all the blog posts.  I think reading the WIN METHOD  blog from the beginning is a must for any and all new comers here.  It will give you a great perspective on the WIN METHOD and just how great it is.

Now here is a post I made ten years ago on a YANKEE thread in a baseball talk forum.  Of course I got bounced from that forum, one of so many.  Bounced by people who cannot accept challenge to their foul, corrupt, misleading, and false stats.  Trying to get the WIN METHOD philosophy out was a challenge when having to deal with so many very ignorant people.  However I found many people at all the forums who wanted something more about baseball than just bad statistics.  Why didn't the players with great individual stats help lead their team to wins.  What was wrong.  I got several suggestions to create a blog about the WIN METHOD.  Create the blog and we will come I was told.
I created the WIN METHOD blog two years after the post I will now insert here, and the WIN METHOD blog was started eight years ago.  Nothing is edited and the following appears here now just as it was posted ten years ago.

""September 2006.
To discuss the WIN METHOD you must put aside your previous beliefs about what determines the qualities of a ‘best player’. The WIN METHOD is used by only one team in baseball. The WIN METHOD is designed to select players who meet the qualifications of the WIN METHOD and the needs at any given time of the team. The purpose of the WIN METHOD is to find players who MUST want to play for the team. They MUST want to win the World Series. And they MUST put individual achievements as secondary goals. The one on one interview process asks many questions, the answers given may then bring forth other questions. The WIN METHOD more than anything, is interested in getting into the psyche of the player. I have interviewed players and they don’t even know why they are being interviewed. These interviews have consistently gotten the best results. It is similar to you being interviewed for a job, only you do not know it. We interview soon to be free agents, sometimes as far as a year or more ahead of their free agency. College prospects are interviewed, prospective minor leaguers, and players in different countries. The inroads made in Japan in the past two years will reap benefits for a long time.

Getting to the nitty gritty. The WIN METHOD nor I make any deals or trades or any signings. The WIN METHOD is an evaluation tool as to whether or not a player will help the team succeed. NOT INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS BUT TEAM SUCCESS. Not every player signed has been a WIN METHOD selection. As you gentleman feel, there are people with the YANKEES who feel the same. Stats, stats, stats. I have gotten many reasons why a player does not want to be a YANKEE. My question right after that gets some fantastic responses. The question I ask is “Tell me why you don’t want to win and be the best.”
Think of the WIN METHOD as a scout giving a report on the players he is scouting. 

The entire idea of believing in the WIN METHOD is a matter of personal psychology. Do you want to believe a player is best because of what he achieves for himself or best for what he achieves for the team. But a team is 25 players. Yes, and when they win they are the best 25 players, be it for a game, a series, a month, a season. Being a baseball fan for over 50+ years, preceding free agency, when players where signed by scouting or acquired by trades, I often wondered why did a player achieve more when he was traded to one team or another as compared to who he was playing for. As time passed I realized players achieved more because they where in situations they preferred and thrived on. Others did worse because they where not in situations they where satisfied with. I started talking to players relatively consistently in the seventies after I met with Mr.S. He helped fund my work.
In the nineties I and the WIN METHOD where ready. Mr.S. and I made a ten year deal, which was just recently renewed for ten more years. Getting back to basics. The WIN METHOD became most feasible with the onset of players being allowed to sign with whomever they wished. The magic words “whomever they wished”. Some poster in a recent thread stated Pedro Martinez would never play for the YANKEES and would rather play on the dirt fields in the Dominican Republic. Fine, then ask yourselves, why on earth would the YANKEES want to sign him? Why would any team want to sign him if he would not be in a situation he was happy with? Getting to our psychological difference in looking at players. The statisticians and the stat fans feel the best players are the ones who attain the gaudiest of individual stats, whatever they may be. And it makes no difference if the player or his team wins. Now the difference, the WIN METHOD people believe that winning is why baseball is played and winning makes for who is best. Right, the TEAM wins. That is the point and the goal of the game. NOT INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS. The team consists of 25 players and the 25 best players win the World Series every year. The WIN METHOD is based on stats also. Just a different way of judging them. ‘A’ hits 50 HRs in 600 ABs. ‘B’ hits 40 HRs in 400 ABs. As stat people, you can see the stats in two perspectives. Who is best. Depends on how you wish to see it. The WIN METHOD sees everything in the terms of WINS. The team wins because of what its players do to help the team win. And the team doesn’t need to have any player in the top of any individual achievement category. It may have a statistical leader, but it doesn’t make a difference either way. The only category the team wants to lead in is WINS. Making the playoffs and moving on through the playoffs. The best players achieve this for the team and therefor themselves. In essence you guys measure a player on his individual stats, the WIN METHOD people measure a player on his ability to allow ateam to WIN. A difference in psychology. Another WIN METHOD issue, is the selection of players who can perform WHEN it counts, in clutch situations, under pressure, under the spotlight. Not everyone can do this, and some fail dismally. It is never how much, but far more important, WHEN you achieve as a player.

I do realize you will belittle, demean, and be unable to accept or comprehend. Have fun. Many do comprehend, accept, live it in their lives filled with success.""

The blog started slowly, and I realized I needed to try to kick  start it a little.  How.  I announced some two major YANKEE signings before anyone in the press and or talking heads knew of them.  On November 15, 2008 I announced that CC Sabathia would soon be a YANKEE.  On December 11, 2008 it was announced officially that CC would become a YANKEE.  Here is a link ==
To make a point that I had the information no one else knew about and did not just make a luck guess, I posted on December 19, 2008 that Mark Teixeira would sign a YANKEE contract.  That one no one expected.  Four days later the YANKEES announce to the world that they had signed Mark Teixeira to an eight year deal.  Here is a link ==
Many fans started coming to the blog, those who loved winning and wins and the WIN METHOD built the blog to what it is now, the best baseball blog in the world.  Those who did not agree with winning and wins determining the best teams and players (the stat frauds) went their own way to live and play in the fantasy world.   In the past year the WIN METHOD has grown so exponentially I won't bore you with the stats, but just say we are well on our way to one billion views world wide.

In early July the YANKEE management made the decision to trade/deal some chips for young talent that the YANKEES could use.  The YANKEES traded Andrew Miller to the Cleveland Indians for four players.  The piece the WIN METHOD wanted was pitcher Justus Sheffield.  He is now a YANKEE.  Hate to say this, but Clint Frazier is not WIN METHOD, but by no means to the degree of the great baseball fraud Alex Rodriguez aka afraud,  Lets hope the move to the YANKEE will help Frazier mentally and lets hope he will help the team.  I will monitor his progress.
In dealing Aroldis Chapman to the Chicago Cubs the YANKEES got a fine haul of four players and I am particularly happy with the YANKEES reacquiring  my special WIN  METHOD pick from several years back, Adam Warren.   The other three acquisitions will all make an impact on the YANKEES down the road.

Now here is some of the best news I can give you from this Junes draft.  The YANKEES were lucky enough to draft as their number one pick a nineteen year old in Blake Rutherford.  Blake is going to be a very special major league WIN METHOD player in the mold of Derek Jeter, and yes I will say it, maybe better.  Here is information about Blake which is what separates many players. === Before the Yankees came calling, he had a commitment to UCLA since he was a high school freshman out of Simi Valley, California.
"UCLA was a real big thing for me," he said. "It weighed on my mind, but the Yankees were my dream team. To hear them call my name was a dream come true."
Rutherford said he sees himself as a center fielder, though he already has been moved around in the outfield. He also said he expects physical and mental challenges as the grind of a season kicks.
"I'm hanging in there," he said. "The training staff has been great.… The biggest transition is the mental aspect. You have to be mentally strong. I think that's something that kind of separates you." ===  The YANKEES got a gem.  
More good news.  Another pick from a year ago is quickly moving up the minor league levels for the YANKEES and in my opinion will turn into another WIN METHOD gem. Pitcher Chance Adams is going to be very special.  Chance will be a big part of the rotation.
The YANKEES have tons of talent, both in the field and on the mound.  Injuries have slowed too many players to name here, but their time will come and the YANKEES will be a major force to reckon with for many years to come.  The future is oh so bright.  Do not be surprised if things develop well for the minor talent the YANKEES will not have to go crazy in the free agent market with many stars coming out in the next few years.  Maybe there will be a need for one piece if needed.
Yankees down the road with 2016 injuries, Bird, Mitchell, Clarkin, Kapreilian,DeCarr, German, Lindgren, Rumblelow, and others.
Look for Aaron Judge on the YANKEE roster in 2017 with Sanchez, Bird, Refsynder. Louie Louie, and more.

This season isn't over yet, but we learned a lot about many youngsters and they got the time to play everyday in the minors and that can only help to make them better.  I f we do not make the playoffs, sure is is a disappointment, but you have to take the bad and turn it into a positive.

Mark Teixeira has announce he will retire at the end of this season and lets all thank Mark for his time and his contributions during his eight years as a YANKEE which does include a World Series championship.   Mark put up with and played through countless injuries and gave his best all the time.  So long Mark, thank you, and good luck in your future endeavors.
I hope I did not forget anything and I must thank all of the WIN METHOD fans from all over the world who come here everyday and help make this blog the best it can be.   Wins and winning will always determine the best teams and the best players and don't ever let a stat fraud tell you differently.  All the stat frauds have are excuses and they love to blame the other guys.  They say they want to win, but only if it is their fantasy team in the world of make believe. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

WIN METHOD 2016 SEASON -- Only wins and winning determine the best.

The 2016 Major League Baseball season starts today.  The New York YANKEES first game will be tomorrow in New York against the Houston Astros.    The starting rotation has been decided, the twenty-five man roster has been decided, and tomorrow the drive for the playoffs will begin.  This is not fantasy baseball, played by stat fraud fools who live by meaningless individual statistics, this is real baseball where winning is determined by what all players on each team contribute to help their team win the most often.   These contributions are measured by wins and players producing at the right time, when it matters, and not by how much or how many stats they produce for themselves as their team fails. 

The injury bug has bitten the YANKEES, as it has bitten every team in one way or another.  First baseman Greg Bird is likely out for the season.  Pitcher Brian Mitchell may be out approximately three months, and pitcher Andrew Miller with a broken bone in his non throwing wrist may have been the luckiest, and will lose no playing time. 

Several YANKEE WIN METHOD youngsters are blooming and growing and are on the roster to start the season, and several more are on the near horizon and will start their season in the minors.
Several years ago the WIN METHOD made a concerted effort to find pitching talent each season and the YANKEES drafted many of these youngsters.   The time is here for some of these youngsters and the time for others is just around the corner. 

The YANKEE management led by the brilliant dealing of General Manager Brian Cashman have added several new players to this seasons roster and have deepened the bench for 2016.   Also, three very possible future stars are so near.  Catcher Gary Sanchez, right fielder Aaron Judge, and shortstop Jorge Mateo are getting closer to the major league roster every day.  Playing regularly in the minors right now is best for them and their development.  But they will soon be heard from.

Remember fans, it is a long season, there will be ups and downs, and as always only wins and winning will be the determining factor on which teams earn playoffs spots and go on to the second season.    Let the stat fraud fools play their fantasy games.   We will play for real baseball and root for our team to win and root for the contributions of each player to help our team win. 


Monday, March 7, 2016


We are a week into spring training and I am in Tampa now for a few days before heading out to the colleges across America looking for the best potential WIN METHOD  players out there and available.

   Everything is looking good so far this spring, but for the loss of Greg Bird for the season with shoulder surgery.  Bird is one of several YANKEE youngsters on the cusp of contributing to helping the YANKEES earn playoffs, win pennants, and win World Series in the coming years.  Louie Louie Severino is here and looking for a very strong 2016 as a starting pitcher, Dellin Betances is here and one of the top relief pitchers in all of Major League Baseball.  Gary Sanchez may make the team this spring and/or if not this spring, sometime this season.   Also right fielder Aaron Judge and shortstop Jorge Mateo are making a very strong impression right now this spring and either one or both while still going to start in the minor leagues this season, could be seeing action with the YANKEES this year.  There is also Rob Refsyder contending for a utility infield position.  Plus any of several youngsters may come north with the YANKEES as middle relievers.   Don't forget pitchers Lindgren and Kaprielian.  The ones who do not, could also quickly develop and prove themselves with more development in the minors and be ready at a moments notice to help in the YANKEES drive for the pennant this season.

WIN METHOD fans, remember it is not what a player does for themselves that defines the best players, but what they contribute to help their team make the playoffs and advance through the playoffs.  A sacrifice fly or advancing a runner, a single, a stolen base, a bunt can contribute to a win in any game, while a grand slam home run in a game you are winning 8-0 can be utterly meaningless to the team.   Any team whose pitchers earn the most WINS, will make the playoffs, no other pitching stat can do that, no other pitching stat is more important than WINS.  We all know it takes a team of players to help pitchers earn those wins and that is what determines the best teams and players in baseball.  Players contributing to help each other win games.  What you do for yourself means nothing if you do not help your team win by producing when it counts the most.

An issue was brought up by a poster a few months back regarding dating on blogger posts.  After contacting Google representatives it was discovered that Google allows the false dating of posts, however the false dating of a blog will be discovered when Google actually dates the publishing date of the post in its search engine.   In other words, a blogger falsely can post a blog post right now with a date of October 1, 2015, but when Googles search engine publishes the thread in its search engine it will have todays date as to when it was actually published.   The blog date can be altered but the actual publishing date cannot.

The real baseball season, when the games count, and producing when it matters is just about a month away and baseball, Americas greatest sport will begin its 2016 season.  Good luck to all the teams, but as always LETS GO YANKEES.  The YANKEE team is getting younger and farm system is starting to produce players more consistently.  Then there is always the possible WIN METHOD free agent when needed and available.

The views of the WIN METHOD blog will break the two hundred seventy million mark in the next week.  The WIN METHOD blog is viewed by people from all over the world and continues to be the best baseball blog in existence with the smartest most intelligent posters in the sports world.  WIN METHOD posters and followers continue to bury the stat frauds and fantasy game players on the baseball forums.  WIN METHOD  players know baseball and what it takes to win and be a winner.  The best teams and players win.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hello WIN METHOD fans.  Trying to keep my promise of posting more this season.  Just completed Caribbean portion of  my extended road trip looking for WIN METHOD talent for the YANKEES.  Found a couple of very viable prospects.  Hope they come to fruition.  Sorry I can't give you the names.  Next, headed to Asia. 

Brian Cashman has done a wonderful job this off season and the 2016 season looks very promising.  With a very deep starting rotation and a lights out closing threesome the staff looks very solid.  There are openings for middle relief and the competition should produce an arm or two.  McCann and Sanchez behind the plate bodes well.  Throw in a pretty much defined starting infield of Teixeira at first base, Castro at second base, Gregorius at shortstop, and Headley at third base, giving a very nice infield.  The outfield looks strong with Beltran, Ellsbury, and Gardner from right to left.  Hicks as the fourth man.  Spring training is right around the corner and the completion will be for the other roster spots.  The roadblock continues to be afraud at designated hitter who is clogging up the youth movement.  Alas there is little that can be done on this regard and afraud continues to be the greatest signing blunder by the YANKEES over the past two or three decades.

It will be fun to watch the YANKEE rotation this season.  With Masahiro Tanaka, Louis Louis Severion, Micheal Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi, Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, battling for the five or will it be six starting spots.  Bryan Mitchell will be trying to break into the mold while possibly anchoring the middle long reliever role.

Then there are always Ackley, Refsnyder, and Bird to deal with.  Beyond that the farm is producing several players on the near and far horizon as Judge and Mateo and others.

Lets think positive, hope the injury bug stays away, and we can make the playoffs with a few more steps after that.   As always LETS GO YANKEES.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hello WIN METHOD fans and followers.  I apologize for not posting more this past season.  I have been extremely busy traveling to many countries and interviewing many players.   Finished now and home for a great Christmas with family and friends.  Hal Steinbrenner and I have extended our proprietary deal for another season.  As you all know after two ten year deals with Mr.S., Hal and I have agreed to proceed one year at a time.  I am getting a little old for all the travel and all the time involved.   I will truly try to post more in 2016.

The 2016 season will be an interesting season for the YANKEES.  A transition is underway that was started several seasons ago and may be coming full circle.   A few years back, after several very expensive costly contracts that have either ended or are ending soon that led to very costly payrolls, and the team getting very little return for the monies spent, the YANKEES decided to go full out on acquiring young players.   My interviews were concentrated on possible draftees and acquisitions through various routes.   Many of those chosen and selected by the YANKEES over the past years are at the point of paying returns at the big league level.  You all know the names as you see them making their major league debuts.   2016 will be a blend of the old and the new, making for a very interesting 2016 season.   There are so many question marks for so many.   The question marks are different for each player.   How well will the newcomers perform?   How well will they be able handle the pressure in New York and the majors?   How will others return and perform from various injuries?   How will the elders of the team hold out?   Will the injury bug  keep biting this team to the degree it has in the past seasons?    So many ifs.   All will be answered during spring training and the upcoming season.   Always being optimistic and dealing with the pitfalls and roadblocks ahead, the 2016 team will be competitive, a likely playoff team, and if things don't go to far off the tracks a force to contend with during the playoffs.

To the dismay of the stat frauds out there, the 2016 season, like every season in baseball history will be decided by wins and only wins.  No one or two individual player stats will determine the best teams and players.   That is always determined by who wins the most with every player on each team contributing to the success of each team.   Wins are earned by players executing when it counts to build runs, prevent runs, and defeat the opposition each game over the 162 played.  

The front office so far this off season hasn't done anything stupid by signing high dollar long term contracts.   The 2016 YANKEES will move forward with the contributions of their young and upcoming players who will get the opportunity to prove themselves at the highest level.

As always, LETS GO YANKEES.   A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very happy, healthy NEW YEAR to all.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is the hardest blog post I have ever done.  The retirement of all time great and the best player in Major League Baseball for the past twenty seasons, Derek Jeter has hit me hard.  The best player and one of the very first players drafted by Mr.S. (rip) and the YANKEES is gone and the hole he leaves offensively and defensively as the best shortstop in baseball is enormous.  However, we must move on.

The YANKEES for 2015 will be fine and are reloading.  With a very deep and talented starting rotation, albeit a starting rotation with much to prove, do not be surprised if this team performs far above expectations of the pundits and so called talking head experts.  Didi Gregorius has been tabbed to replace Jeter at shortstop, which in reality can never be done.  Didi needs to be himself, do what he does best and must not let the comparisons to Jeter get to him.  Chase Headley has been given the third base position and that may be one of the best moves the YANKEES have made in the off season.   The basic starting team will be McCann c. Teixeira 1b. Drew 2b. Headley 3b. Gregorius ss. Gardner lf. Elsbury cf. and Beltran rf.  The YANKEES have a boatload of very promising minor leaguers, some of which who will undoubtedly be heard from over the 2015 season.

During the off season the YANKEES lost closer David Robertson, but have gotten better and deeper in the bullpen with the maturation of Betances and the signing of Miller.  The closer spot has not been decided and possibly no one will be named.   From start to finish the YANKEE pitching staff will be exemplary and carry the team a long way.  The lineup on the other hand will have to come together and several players will have to step up their game over last seasons effort.   The loss of Jeter, the leader, the captain, will leave a gaping hole that will have to filled by everyone in the lineup stepping up their performance.

Personally, I had an almost non-stop off season with interviews and evaluations.   By my choice I am now on a year to year proprietary deal with the Steinbrenner sons.  But they are not Mr.S.   Hopefully, they will make the decisions that are best for the team, the fans, and winning.

I've noticed the stat frauds are almost non-existent here anymore.  You guys and gals have done a great job beating them off, refuting and disproving their garbage man made formulas that are meaningless and useless.  WINS and WINNING will always define the best players and teams.  I will try to post more often this season and glad you are still here and growing the best baseball blog in the world, the WIN METHOD.

To conclude............LETS GO YANKEES.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It has arrived.  YANKEE opening day game for the 2014 season.  This will be an epic season.  Derek Jeter, the last member of the 'Core Four', will play his final season for the YANKEES.  Jeter who has been the best player in Major League Baseball over the past twenty years, winning more games, appearing in more playoffs, winning more pennants and winning more World Series than any player has announced his retirement.  Jeter whose brilliant defense solidifying the middle of the YANKEE infield with far ranging defense, making countless plays look routine, and also making plays in the biggest events that no other shortstop in baseball could make but could only dream of, will play his last season at shortstop.  Jeters retirement will be celebrated by every team in every ballpark he visits throughout the season.  Jeter, who has been the most positive face of Major League Baseball during his career deserves every accolade he gets, why, because he earned it on the field with WINS.  And winning and wins has and always will be the determining factor in the greatest players of any era.  Derek Jeter has been the best baseball has had to offer for the past twenty years.

After last seasons injury plagued year where so many YANKEE players had so many injuries with so many games not played, the YANKEES hung on to a playoff run right up to the last week of the season and still posted a winning record for the season.  The YANKEE players set the record for game time lost by players for any one season in baseball history.   Over the winter, the YANKEES were active in rebuilding the team.  The injured are healthy again, the YANKEES signed several solid WIN METHOD players who wanted to wear the YANKEE uniform and now will get a chance to prove what it means to be a YANKEE.

The WIN METHOD looks for the YANKEES to win at least 93 games this season and that is minimum, but the sky is the limit and 100+ games is not impossible.  Captain Derek Jeter will lead his team to the playoffs and the new crop of YANKEES will follow the leader to the playoffs.

The YANKEE outfield is solid and deep.  The infield anchored by Jeter and Teixeira at shortstop and first base and the addition of Brian Roberts at second base and Kelly Johnson at third base will be brilliant defensively and more than adequate offensively.  Catcher Brian McCann is a major upgrade behind the plate.  The pitching staff, starting with the starting rotation is second to none in baseball, and the bullpen will be more than adequate.  There is no question that the retirement of Mariano Rivera leaves a hole, but hopefully David Robertson who has been groomed to fill Mo's closing spot will not let the team down.  Another great factor in making this 2014 YANKEE team better is the banishment from baseball of one of the biggest liars and cheats in baseball being gone.  The distraction of afraud is gone for 2014.

Don't forget WIN METHOD fans, every player on the team helps in their own way, forget individual stats, it is wins that will determine who goes to the playoffs and all we want to do is win.   So, lets get ready for the comeback ride of the 2014 season.  LETS GO YANKEES!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

WIN METHOD...2014...Tanaka...afraud...outlook

As the NEW YORK YANKEES head into the 2014 season, let us look at several issues that have been on the stove this off season. 

Tanaka, the highly sought after Japanese free agent pitcher is on the open  market and will be signed by a team willing to pay a significant salary for him.  Having seen Tanaka pitch and having seen thousands of other pitchers in my lifetime, I have a concern with Tanaka.  My concern is with his delivery and the stress he puts into many of his pitches, sometimes appearing as if he is throwing his body with his delivery.  I have seen all to many pitchers who threw this way, injure themselves because this violent throwing action takes its toll on the arm, elbow, shoulder, and whatever else it may find.  Tanka's motion is not truly fluid.  Many of the greats in MLB who have dominated on the mound, were very smooth and fluid, using their legs and body going to the plate and dominating and intimidating batters.  Many others who were also dominating where not fluid and many looked to be throwing violently thus taking a toll on their arm and body.  Many of these dominated for a few years and then suddenly the wheels fell off the wagon.  If the YANKEES obtain Tanaka, and from what I have heard, Tanaka WILL sign with the YANKEES, I will be pulling for him, BUT whoever Tanaka signs with, I feel Tanaka as time plays out MAY not be worth what the winning bidder is going to pay.  Time will tell.

afraud, who arguably may be the most foul corrupt person to ever play MLB, a person who has lied and cheated his entire career, a person who lied and cheated on his family, his teams, the fans, and MLB has been banned from baseball for the 2014 season.  Not long enough in my view, afraud should never be allowed to play baseball again.  Remember WIN METHOD fans, no record of any  of the steroid users is real or valued.  These records of the steroid users should be eliminated from the record books and not ever be used by any fan ever.

2014 season outlook.  Even at this time, without the rosters being finalized and spring training not yet open, the YANKEES look like a solid sure thing playoff team.  With Captain Derek Jeter back at shortstop playing great defense and great offense, that is an upgrade from  last year.  Brian McCann behind the plate will be an upgrade fro last year.  Mark Teixeira back at first base will be an upgrade from last year.  The outfield with Elsbury, Gardner, Soriano, Beltran will be an upgrade from last year.  Third base will be an upgrade from last year with a combination of several players, led by Nunez will be an upgrade from last year.  We lose Cano at second base, but one minus is eliminated or nullified by so many plusses.  The excess of talent at so many positions therefore allows for an automatic upgrade at the designated hitter spot.  The  pitching will have many potentials vying for a spot in the rotation, and if Tanaka becomes a YANKEE spring training competition will shape the rotation for the best.  There are many options and many guys competing for the same.   After everything shakes out the YANKEE 2014 is going to be one of accomplishment and achievement.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

WIN METHOD....bringing out the best

Here it is the last month of the 2013 MLB regular season and the drive to the playoffs is on.   And yes, this YANKEE team is in the hunt and could still reach the playoffs this season.  WIN METHOD fans, and all baseball fans, think of the playing time lost by so many YANKEES this season.  I bet we couldn't name everyone, but lets try.   We lost regulars, then we lost replacements for the regulars, then we lost subs for the replacement players.

Jeter, Teixeira, Granderson, Cervelli, Youkilis, Hafner, Phelps, Nix, Almonte, Nunez, and you can throw in sad to say Afraud.  Add in the smaller injuries to several others for various amounts of time and you have more games missed than you can shake a stick at.

Through all the injuries the WIN METHOD has selected enough quality players producing just enough and at the right time to help keep this years YANKEE team in the playoff dog fight.  The YANKEE season isn't over yet.

It is as it always has been a matter of WINS.  Only WINS can take a team and a player to the second season.  Nothing else matters, no stat of any kind, be it an actual reality based stat or a convoluted misleading man made stat used and relied upon only by the most foolish of baseball fans.
A question that that the stat frauds can't handle and refuse to answer is....would you rather go to the playoffs because you won enough games, or would you rather lead the league in stats and not make the playoffs???

The interesting story of this season and what we need to take away from this season, is just how well the WIN METHOD can produce, even in the worst of times, and then just how great a season 2014 will look to be.  First things first, lets all root for this YANKEE team to reach the playoffs this season.  No matter what happens the rest of the year, this 2013 YANKEE team has done the WIN METHOD and Joe Girardi proud.  Lets roll.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


WOW! YANKEE fans.  What a great start to the 2013 season by this WIN METHOD built team.    Stellar team play from guys like Hafner, Youkilis, Overbay, Nix, Nunez, Cervelli, Warren, etal.  With injuries to key players, Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira, Pineda, we survive and fight on.    Add in the injuries to Cervelli and Youkilis, and you wind up with one heck of amazing performance by this team so far this 2013 season.    16-10 win-loss record to end the first month of the season.   A season that most prognosticators and talking heads were predicating only the worst case scenario for this years YANKEE team.   The naysayers, the voices of gloom and doom have been silenced.  Now their tired refrain is 'it can't go on'.  But that is why we post here on the WIN METHOD blog.   We post truth and wisdom, we support our team, and try to be positive.   You guys and gals are WIN METHOD, you are the best, and you have made this site the biggest and best in baseball.

Coming down the road, we will have players returning to the lineup and a few guys who are here now will have to be dropped.   We have so much talent on the horizon the YANKEES will continue their run of superiority and dominance unrivaled during the past two decades.   There is only one player who we do not need back, and much of the teams success so far this year may have much to do with him not being here.   We all know who we don't want back but may be forced to take back.  No more Afraud, please.

How about Mariano Rivera.  The pitching machine is as great as ever and that is saying something since he is the greatest relief pitcher in the history of baseball.

I see, as many of you have also seen, the stat fraud postings have been miniscule here lately.  They have been beaten down with truth, wisdom, and logic.   For newer posters here, stat frauds are the people who manufacture and create convoluted invalid formulas to try to evaluate players and then try to tell the world which players are best.  Only the basic baseball stats are legitimate, runs, hits, batting average, etc.  When you see or hear War, AWAR, ZR, replacement value and other garbage, ignore them and always remember that only wins and winning determine the best of the best.

If anyone has any questions, post them on this blog, and you will be answered by any and many of the brilliant knowledgeable baseball fans here.  Post your opinions and views.  Naysayers, post also, call us names if you wish, but foul language will always be deleted.  We ban no one and love to hear from all sides.  Even the stat frauds, who have no game and no sense.

The injured will slowly return and the playoffs are on the horizon.  This team is what the WIN METHOD is all about.  Rising to the occasion and excelling in the face of adversity.