Sunday, April 3, 2016

WIN METHOD 2016 SEASON -- Only wins and winning determine the best.

The 2016 Major League Baseball season starts today.  The New York YANKEES first game will be tomorrow in New York against the Houston Astros.    The starting rotation has been decided, the twenty-five man roster has been decided, and tomorrow the drive for the playoffs will begin.  This is not fantasy baseball, played by stat fraud fools who live by meaningless individual statistics, this is real baseball where winning is determined by what all players on each team contribute to help their team win the most often.   These contributions are measured by wins and players producing at the right time, when it matters, and not by how much or how many stats they produce for themselves as their team fails. 

The injury bug has bitten the YANKEES, as it has bitten every team in one way or another.  First baseman Greg Bird is likely out for the season.  Pitcher Brian Mitchell may be out approximately three months, and pitcher Andrew Miller with a broken bone in his non throwing wrist may have been the luckiest, and will lose no playing time. 

Several YANKEE WIN METHOD youngsters are blooming and growing and are on the roster to start the season, and several more are on the near horizon and will start their season in the minors.
Several years ago the WIN METHOD made a concerted effort to find pitching talent each season and the YANKEES drafted many of these youngsters.   The time is here for some of these youngsters and the time for others is just around the corner. 

The YANKEE management led by the brilliant dealing of General Manager Brian Cashman have added several new players to this seasons roster and have deepened the bench for 2016.   Also, three very possible future stars are so near.  Catcher Gary Sanchez, right fielder Aaron Judge, and shortstop Jorge Mateo are getting closer to the major league roster every day.  Playing regularly in the minors right now is best for them and their development.  But they will soon be heard from.

Remember fans, it is a long season, there will be ups and downs, and as always only wins and winning will be the determining factor on which teams earn playoffs spots and go on to the second season.    Let the stat fraud fools play their fantasy games.   We will play for real baseball and root for our team to win and root for the contributions of each player to help our team win. 


Monday, March 7, 2016


We are a week into spring training and I am in Tampa now for a few days before heading out to the colleges across America looking for the best potential WIN METHOD  players out there and available.

   Everything is looking good so far this spring, but for the loss of Greg Bird for the season with shoulder surgery.  Bird is one of several YANKEE youngsters on the cusp of contributing to helping the YANKEES earn playoffs, win pennants, and win World Series in the coming years.  Louie Louie Severino is here and looking for a very strong 2016 as a starting pitcher, Dellin Betances is here and one of the top relief pitchers in all of Major League Baseball.  Gary Sanchez may make the team this spring and/or if not this spring, sometime this season.   Also right fielder Aaron Judge and shortstop Jorge Mateo are making a very strong impression right now this spring and either one or both while still going to start in the minor leagues this season, could be seeing action with the YANKEES this year.  There is also Rob Refsyder contending for a utility infield position.  Plus any of several youngsters may come north with the YANKEES as middle relievers.   Don't forget pitchers Lindgren and Kaprielian.  The ones who do not, could also quickly develop and prove themselves with more development in the minors and be ready at a moments notice to help in the YANKEES drive for the pennant this season.

WIN METHOD fans, remember it is not what a player does for themselves that defines the best players, but what they contribute to help their team make the playoffs and advance through the playoffs.  A sacrifice fly or advancing a runner, a single, a stolen base, a bunt can contribute to a win in any game, while a grand slam home run in a game you are winning 8-0 can be utterly meaningless to the team.   Any team whose pitchers earn the most WINS, will make the playoffs, no other pitching stat can do that, no other pitching stat is more important than WINS.  We all know it takes a team of players to help pitchers earn those wins and that is what determines the best teams and players in baseball.  Players contributing to help each other win games.  What you do for yourself means nothing if you do not help your team win by producing when it counts the most.

An issue was brought up by a poster a few months back regarding dating on blogger posts.  After contacting Google representatives it was discovered that Google allows the false dating of posts, however the false dating of a blog will be discovered when Google actually dates the publishing date of the post in its search engine.   In other words, a blogger falsely can post a blog post right now with a date of October 1, 2015, but when Googles search engine publishes the thread in its search engine it will have todays date as to when it was actually published.   The blog date can be altered but the actual publishing date cannot.

The real baseball season, when the games count, and producing when it matters is just about a month away and baseball, Americas greatest sport will begin its 2016 season.  Good luck to all the teams, but as always LETS GO YANKEES.  The YANKEE team is getting younger and farm system is starting to produce players more consistently.  Then there is always the possible WIN METHOD free agent when needed and available.

The views of the WIN METHOD blog will break the two hundred seventy million mark in the next week.  The WIN METHOD blog is viewed by people from all over the world and continues to be the best baseball blog in existence with the smartest most intelligent posters in the sports world.  WIN METHOD posters and followers continue to bury the stat frauds and fantasy game players on the baseball forums.  WIN METHOD  players know baseball and what it takes to win and be a winner.  The best teams and players win.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hello WIN METHOD fans.  Trying to keep my promise of posting more this season.  Just completed Caribbean portion of  my extended road trip looking for WIN METHOD talent for the YANKEES.  Found a couple of very viable prospects.  Hope they come to fruition.  Sorry I can't give you the names.  Next, headed to Asia. 

Brian Cashman has done a wonderful job this off season and the 2016 season looks very promising.  With a very deep starting rotation and a lights out closing threesome the staff looks very solid.  There are openings for middle relief and the competition should produce an arm or two.  McCann and Sanchez behind the plate bodes well.  Throw in a pretty much defined starting infield of Teixeira at first base, Castro at second base, Gregorius at shortstop, and Headley at third base, giving a very nice infield.  The outfield looks strong with Beltran, Ellsbury, and Gardner from right to left.  Hicks as the fourth man.  Spring training is right around the corner and the completion will be for the other roster spots.  The roadblock continues to be afraud at designated hitter who is clogging up the youth movement.  Alas there is little that can be done on this regard and afraud continues to be the greatest signing blunder by the YANKEES over the past two or three decades.

It will be fun to watch the YANKEE rotation this season.  With Masahiro Tanaka, Louis Louis Severion, Micheal Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi, Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, battling for the five or will it be six starting spots.  Bryan Mitchell will be trying to break into the mold while possibly anchoring the middle long reliever role.

Then there are always Ackley, Refsnyder, and Bird to deal with.  Beyond that the farm is producing several players on the near and far horizon as Judge and Mateo and others.

Lets think positive, hope the injury bug stays away, and we can make the playoffs with a few more steps after that.   As always LETS GO YANKEES.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hello WIN METHOD fans and followers.  I apologize for not posting more this past season.  I have been extremely busy traveling to many countries and interviewing many players.   Finished now and home for a great Christmas with family and friends.  Hal Steinbrenner and I have extended our proprietary deal for another season.  As you all know after two ten year deals with Mr.S., Hal and I have agreed to proceed one year at a time.  I am getting a little old for all the travel and all the time involved.   I will truly try to post more in 2016.

The 2016 season will be an interesting season for the YANKEES.  A transition is underway that was started several seasons ago and may be coming full circle.   A few years back, after several very expensive costly contracts that have either ended or are ending soon that led to very costly payrolls, and the team getting very little return for the monies spent, the YANKEES decided to go full out on acquiring young players.   My interviews were concentrated on possible draftees and acquisitions through various routes.   Many of those chosen and selected by the YANKEES over the past years are at the point of paying returns at the big league level.  You all know the names as you see them making their major league debuts.   2016 will be a blend of the old and the new, making for a very interesting 2016 season.   There are so many question marks for so many.   The question marks are different for each player.   How well will the newcomers perform?   How well will they be able handle the pressure in New York and the majors?   How will others return and perform from various injuries?   How will the elders of the team hold out?   Will the injury bug  keep biting this team to the degree it has in the past seasons?    So many ifs.   All will be answered during spring training and the upcoming season.   Always being optimistic and dealing with the pitfalls and roadblocks ahead, the 2016 team will be competitive, a likely playoff team, and if things don't go to far off the tracks a force to contend with during the playoffs.

To the dismay of the stat frauds out there, the 2016 season, like every season in baseball history will be decided by wins and only wins.  No one or two individual player stats will determine the best teams and players.   That is always determined by who wins the most with every player on each team contributing to the success of each team.   Wins are earned by players executing when it counts to build runs, prevent runs, and defeat the opposition each game over the 162 played.  

The front office so far this off season hasn't done anything stupid by signing high dollar long term contracts.   The 2016 YANKEES will move forward with the contributions of their young and upcoming players who will get the opportunity to prove themselves at the highest level.

As always, LETS GO YANKEES.   A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very happy, healthy NEW YEAR to all.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is the hardest blog post I have ever done.  The retirement of all time great and the best player in Major League Baseball for the past twenty seasons, Derek Jeter has hit me hard.  The best player and one of the very first players drafted by Mr.S. (rip) and the YANKEES is gone and the hole he leaves offensively and defensively as the best shortstop in baseball is enormous.  However, we must move on.

The YANKEES for 2015 will be fine and are reloading.  With a very deep and talented starting rotation, albeit a starting rotation with much to prove, do not be surprised if this team performs far above expectations of the pundits and so called talking head experts.  Didi Gregorius has been tabbed to replace Jeter at shortstop, which in reality can never be done.  Didi needs to be himself, do what he does best and must not let the comparisons to Jeter get to him.  Chase Headley has been given the third base position and that may be one of the best moves the YANKEES have made in the off season.   The basic starting team will be McCann c. Teixeira 1b. Drew 2b. Headley 3b. Gregorius ss. Gardner lf. Elsbury cf. and Beltran rf.  The YANKEES have a boatload of very promising minor leaguers, some of which who will undoubtedly be heard from over the 2015 season.

During the off season the YANKEES lost closer David Robertson, but have gotten better and deeper in the bullpen with the maturation of Betances and the signing of Miller.  The closer spot has not been decided and possibly no one will be named.   From start to finish the YANKEE pitching staff will be exemplary and carry the team a long way.  The lineup on the other hand will have to come together and several players will have to step up their game over last seasons effort.   The loss of Jeter, the leader, the captain, will leave a gaping hole that will have to filled by everyone in the lineup stepping up their performance.

Personally, I had an almost non-stop off season with interviews and evaluations.   By my choice I am now on a year to year proprietary deal with the Steinbrenner sons.  But they are not Mr.S.   Hopefully, they will make the decisions that are best for the team, the fans, and winning.

I've noticed the stat frauds are almost non-existent here anymore.  You guys and gals have done a great job beating them off, refuting and disproving their garbage man made formulas that are meaningless and useless.  WINS and WINNING will always define the best players and teams.  I will try to post more often this season and glad you are still here and growing the best baseball blog in the world, the WIN METHOD.

To conclude............LETS GO YANKEES.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It has arrived.  YANKEE opening day game for the 2014 season.  This will be an epic season.  Derek Jeter, the last member of the 'Core Four', will play his final season for the YANKEES.  Jeter who has been the best player in Major League Baseball over the past twenty years, winning more games, appearing in more playoffs, winning more pennants and winning more World Series than any player has announced his retirement.  Jeter whose brilliant defense solidifying the middle of the YANKEE infield with far ranging defense, making countless plays look routine, and also making plays in the biggest events that no other shortstop in baseball could make but could only dream of, will play his last season at shortstop.  Jeters retirement will be celebrated by every team in every ballpark he visits throughout the season.  Jeter, who has been the most positive face of Major League Baseball during his career deserves every accolade he gets, why, because he earned it on the field with WINS.  And winning and wins has and always will be the determining factor in the greatest players of any era.  Derek Jeter has been the best baseball has had to offer for the past twenty years.

After last seasons injury plagued year where so many YANKEE players had so many injuries with so many games not played, the YANKEES hung on to a playoff run right up to the last week of the season and still posted a winning record for the season.  The YANKEE players set the record for game time lost by players for any one season in baseball history.   Over the winter, the YANKEES were active in rebuilding the team.  The injured are healthy again, the YANKEES signed several solid WIN METHOD players who wanted to wear the YANKEE uniform and now will get a chance to prove what it means to be a YANKEE.

The WIN METHOD looks for the YANKEES to win at least 93 games this season and that is minimum, but the sky is the limit and 100+ games is not impossible.  Captain Derek Jeter will lead his team to the playoffs and the new crop of YANKEES will follow the leader to the playoffs.

The YANKEE outfield is solid and deep.  The infield anchored by Jeter and Teixeira at shortstop and first base and the addition of Brian Roberts at second base and Kelly Johnson at third base will be brilliant defensively and more than adequate offensively.  Catcher Brian McCann is a major upgrade behind the plate.  The pitching staff, starting with the starting rotation is second to none in baseball, and the bullpen will be more than adequate.  There is no question that the retirement of Mariano Rivera leaves a hole, but hopefully David Robertson who has been groomed to fill Mo's closing spot will not let the team down.  Another great factor in making this 2014 YANKEE team better is the banishment from baseball of one of the biggest liars and cheats in baseball being gone.  The distraction of afraud is gone for 2014.

Don't forget WIN METHOD fans, every player on the team helps in their own way, forget individual stats, it is wins that will determine who goes to the playoffs and all we want to do is win.   So, lets get ready for the comeback ride of the 2014 season.  LETS GO YANKEES!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

WIN METHOD...2014...Tanaka...afraud...outlook

As the NEW YORK YANKEES head into the 2014 season, let us look at several issues that have been on the stove this off season. 

Tanaka, the highly sought after Japanese free agent pitcher is on the open  market and will be signed by a team willing to pay a significant salary for him.  Having seen Tanaka pitch and having seen thousands of other pitchers in my lifetime, I have a concern with Tanaka.  My concern is with his delivery and the stress he puts into many of his pitches, sometimes appearing as if he is throwing his body with his delivery.  I have seen all to many pitchers who threw this way, injure themselves because this violent throwing action takes its toll on the arm, elbow, shoulder, and whatever else it may find.  Tanka's motion is not truly fluid.  Many of the greats in MLB who have dominated on the mound, were very smooth and fluid, using their legs and body going to the plate and dominating and intimidating batters.  Many others who were also dominating where not fluid and many looked to be throwing violently thus taking a toll on their arm and body.  Many of these dominated for a few years and then suddenly the wheels fell off the wagon.  If the YANKEES obtain Tanaka, and from what I have heard, Tanaka WILL sign with the YANKEES, I will be pulling for him, BUT whoever Tanaka signs with, I feel Tanaka as time plays out MAY not be worth what the winning bidder is going to pay.  Time will tell.

afraud, who arguably may be the most foul corrupt person to ever play MLB, a person who has lied and cheated his entire career, a person who lied and cheated on his family, his teams, the fans, and MLB has been banned from baseball for the 2014 season.  Not long enough in my view, afraud should never be allowed to play baseball again.  Remember WIN METHOD fans, no record of any  of the steroid users is real or valued.  These records of the steroid users should be eliminated from the record books and not ever be used by any fan ever.

2014 season outlook.  Even at this time, without the rosters being finalized and spring training not yet open, the YANKEES look like a solid sure thing playoff team.  With Captain Derek Jeter back at shortstop playing great defense and great offense, that is an upgrade from  last year.  Brian McCann behind the plate will be an upgrade fro last year.  Mark Teixeira back at first base will be an upgrade from last year.  The outfield with Elsbury, Gardner, Soriano, Beltran will be an upgrade from last year.  Third base will be an upgrade from last year with a combination of several players, led by Nunez will be an upgrade from last year.  We lose Cano at second base, but one minus is eliminated or nullified by so many plusses.  The excess of talent at so many positions therefore allows for an automatic upgrade at the designated hitter spot.  The  pitching will have many potentials vying for a spot in the rotation, and if Tanaka becomes a YANKEE spring training competition will shape the rotation for the best.  There are many options and many guys competing for the same.   After everything shakes out the YANKEE 2014 is going to be one of accomplishment and achievement.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

WIN METHOD....bringing out the best

Here it is the last month of the 2013 MLB regular season and the drive to the playoffs is on.   And yes, this YANKEE team is in the hunt and could still reach the playoffs this season.  WIN METHOD fans, and all baseball fans, think of the playing time lost by so many YANKEES this season.  I bet we couldn't name everyone, but lets try.   We lost regulars, then we lost replacements for the regulars, then we lost subs for the replacement players.

Jeter, Teixeira, Granderson, Cervelli, Youkilis, Hafner, Phelps, Nix, Almonte, Nunez, and you can throw in sad to say Afraud.  Add in the smaller injuries to several others for various amounts of time and you have more games missed than you can shake a stick at.

Through all the injuries the WIN METHOD has selected enough quality players producing just enough and at the right time to help keep this years YANKEE team in the playoff dog fight.  The YANKEE season isn't over yet.

It is as it always has been a matter of WINS.  Only WINS can take a team and a player to the second season.  Nothing else matters, no stat of any kind, be it an actual reality based stat or a convoluted misleading man made stat used and relied upon only by the most foolish of baseball fans.
A question that that the stat frauds can't handle and refuse to answer is....would you rather go to the playoffs because you won enough games, or would you rather lead the league in stats and not make the playoffs???

The interesting story of this season and what we need to take away from this season, is just how well the WIN METHOD can produce, even in the worst of times, and then just how great a season 2014 will look to be.  First things first, lets all root for this YANKEE team to reach the playoffs this season.  No matter what happens the rest of the year, this 2013 YANKEE team has done the WIN METHOD and Joe Girardi proud.  Lets roll.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


WOW! YANKEE fans.  What a great start to the 2013 season by this WIN METHOD built team.    Stellar team play from guys like Hafner, Youkilis, Overbay, Nix, Nunez, Cervelli, Warren, etal.  With injuries to key players, Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira, Pineda, we survive and fight on.    Add in the injuries to Cervelli and Youkilis, and you wind up with one heck of amazing performance by this team so far this 2013 season.    16-10 win-loss record to end the first month of the season.   A season that most prognosticators and talking heads were predicating only the worst case scenario for this years YANKEE team.   The naysayers, the voices of gloom and doom have been silenced.  Now their tired refrain is 'it can't go on'.  But that is why we post here on the WIN METHOD blog.   We post truth and wisdom, we support our team, and try to be positive.   You guys and gals are WIN METHOD, you are the best, and you have made this site the biggest and best in baseball.

Coming down the road, we will have players returning to the lineup and a few guys who are here now will have to be dropped.   We have so much talent on the horizon the YANKEES will continue their run of superiority and dominance unrivaled during the past two decades.   There is only one player who we do not need back, and much of the teams success so far this year may have much to do with him not being here.   We all know who we don't want back but may be forced to take back.  No more Afraud, please.

How about Mariano Rivera.  The pitching machine is as great as ever and that is saying something since he is the greatest relief pitcher in the history of baseball.

I see, as many of you have also seen, the stat fraud postings have been miniscule here lately.  They have been beaten down with truth, wisdom, and logic.   For newer posters here, stat frauds are the people who manufacture and create convoluted invalid formulas to try to evaluate players and then try to tell the world which players are best.  Only the basic baseball stats are legitimate, runs, hits, batting average, etc.  When you see or hear War, AWAR, ZR, replacement value and other garbage, ignore them and always remember that only wins and winning determine the best of the best.

If anyone has any questions, post them on this blog, and you will be answered by any and many of the brilliant knowledgeable baseball fans here.  Post your opinions and views.  Naysayers, post also, call us names if you wish, but foul language will always be deleted.  We ban no one and love to hear from all sides.  Even the stat frauds, who have no game and no sense.

The injured will slowly return and the playoffs are on the horizon.  This team is what the WIN METHOD is all about.  Rising to the occasion and excelling in the face of adversity.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

WIN METHOD...2012-2013 winter

It has been a long time WIN METHOD fans since my last post.  It was a tough ending to the 2012 season.  None the less a pretty successful season.  The YANKEES had the best record in the American league.  Made the playoffs, advanced through the first round and then kaboom, the season was over when Derek Jeter went down with a broken ankle in the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers.   I have been overwhelmingly busy for the past months.  Attended every game since August.  An extraordinary amount of interviews since the YANKEE season ended.  There is rumor of several deals, acquisitions, and players being let go.   In reality, the YANKEES are the best team in the American League East right now, and with a little tinkering and the right moves could be even better in 2013.  As many of you WIN METHOD fans know and have suggested, the elimination of Alex Rodriguez from the roster would go a long way in making the 2013 YANKEES stronger.  However, that may not be as easy as we would like.  We can only hope, and as always we we play the hand we are dealt.  With CC Sabathia and Derek Jeter having recent surgery, lets hope both are ready to start the season.   The YANKEE pitching is strong front and back.   The bats are still there, while that may change to some degree, the lineup should be strong.  If Rodriguez remains a YANKEE, we can only hope he will be dropped significantly in the lineup, and at best gone completely.   Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano are likely to both be gone, but losing neither will hurt the team.   One of the YANKEES elite minor league-rs will make an impact in 2013 and help the team.   The YANKEE organization is looking at several acquisitions, but it takes two to make a deal, and some deals are better off not made if too much mast be given away.  Some of the rumored players the YANKEES are supposedly looking at have no chance of being YANKEES because they are not WIN METHOD.   So don't worry fans, there will not be any more Afraud mistakes.   

Last month I also was lucky enough to celebrate my 70th birthday with my wife, two sons, two daughters, two daughter-in-laws, and three grand children.  The celebration was done in a YANKEE baseball theme and motif and was an exceptional surprise.  I am a very lucky man.  Above is a picture of the apropos cake.   WIN METHOD marches on.

I will try to keep you all abreast of any doings over the coming winter and I will again be attending the winter meetings.  There is only so much I can tell you without jeopardizing possible maneuvers by the powers that be.   The Steinbrenner sons have appeared to see the WIN METHOD light and things may get better for the YANKEES in 2013.   After all decisions have been made, it is still the guys on the field who make things happen, and if those guys play WIN METHOD baseball, and play for the team to win, all will go well in 2013.  Maybe we got all the injuries out of our system in 2012.

Thank you all for the support, comments, and posts.  You WIN METHOD fans are the most knowledgeable fans in baseball and know that individual stats do not determine the best.  Only WINS and winning can do that.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

WIN METHOD - player evaluation dominance

Coming back from a whirlwind five weeks on the road.  Started with the YANKEE western swing in late May to Oakland to Anaheim to Detroit.  Interviews, interviews, interviews, the draft, and finally the College World Series.

We got everything we wanted out of this years draft.  Picking almost last each year and still coming through with some of the best baseball talent is a feather in the cap of the WIN METHOD player evaluation system.  The YANKEES since the inception and use of the WIN METHOD have been baseballs winning-est team with the most playoffs, pennants, and World Championships than any other team in baseball.  Factually, no other team comes even close.

How about this years team.  Riddled with crippling injuries, and many other lesser injuries, this team has performed admirably.  First place, with player after player stepping up and playing WIN METHOD baseball.  Winning as a team.   WINS is all that counts.

How many of you remember my special WIN METHOD selection back in 2009 of Adam Warren and his rise through the ranks?  Well, Adam is being called up by the YANKEES and will start Friday nights game in the Stadium against the Chicago White Sox.   Good luck, Adam.  Remember it's all about the WIN METHOD.

If any of you want a good laugh, you can go to several of the baseball talk forums.  Go to the the YANKEE threads and you will see just what is meant by the dumbing down of America.    Most, not all, but most posters know little to nothing about baseball, they get mired in mind numbing meaningless, worthless individual stats and when confronted whine and cry like  immature childlike fools.   The worst is, the moderators are the biggest and dumbest culprits.  When threatened and provided facts and collaborating sites they immediately demean the poster and the other valid sites.  All you can do is laugh at these brain dead losers.   These guys are in their comfort zone when they are supported by their clique of mental delinquents, but know if they come here to debate anything they will get buried by an avalanche of common sense and facts from the smartest fans in the baseball world, WIN METHOD fans.  They have no game and what game they have is losing and claiming they are the best.

In the second half of this season we will have several quality players coming back and this team will get better and better.  All the while, the youngsters picked over the last few years develop and get ripe until they are needed and ready to be picked and promoted.

Friday, May 4, 2012


By now most YANKEE fans have heard the terrible news about the greatest closer in baseball history, Mariano Rivera.  Mo tore his right ACL shagging flies in the outfield in Kansas City before last nights game.   Rivera will have to decide to come back or not.  He was thinking of retiring after this year.  My wife and I just had lunch with Mo in Baltimore in early April.  I am so sad and I am shedding tears as many YANKEE fans will.  I hope Mo decides to return and leave baseball from the mound as he deserves.  You are loved Mo.  In life, one never knows what will happen, but we must play the cards we are dealt and move forward.

What will the YANKEES do to replace Rivera for this season.  They have decisions to make.  We will all have opinions, here is mine.  Robertson becomes the closer.  I would move either Phelps or Hughes to the bullpen as setup man along with Soriano.  I would tell Soriano he needs to step up big time.  Joba may be back for the second half of the season.  Starters would be CC, Kuroda, Nova, Pettitte, (Phelps or Hughes) or someone who may be ready to step in.  Adam Warren is a possibility.  Mitchell to the bullpen.  Play for six innings from the starters and finish off the seventh, eight, by any of the group or combinations of the group with Robertson closing it out.

Have a team meeting and a no feeling sorry for yourselves wake up talk.  Jeter will lead the way, he always has.  The lineup needs to step up and stop taking big dollars for not producing.  Yes, Arod, you are the number one culprit.  But there are other right now.  Grind out every day every game and make the playoffs.  Damn it, play WIN METHOD baseball.   You can't win every game, but you can win enough to move to the second season.

We are YANKEES and we are WIN METHOD.  We are the best.  Lets hear it fans........


Saturday, March 10, 2012

WIN METHOD 2012 Spring Training

What a gorgeous spring in Tampa, spring training home of the YANKEES.  Captain Derek Jeter has taken charge and is showing the ropes to the youngsters and conveying the WIN METHOD attitude.  Everyone looks in splendid shape and all are working hard to reach the goal of 28 in 12, nothing else.   As all WIN METHOD fans know, the key to winning is performing WHEN it counts, making the big defensive play and doing what is needed at the plate to help decide the game WHEN it matters most.   The thought of amassing great individual stats has shown to be meaningless if you do not help your team WIN.   Baseball is played for the team to win with every player on the team contributing in their own various ways.

Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances are very close to making significant contributions to the big team and either or both may be called up at anytime this year.   The addition of Pinedo and Kuroda to go along with Sabathia and Nova while Hughes and Garcia fill out a solid six man starting staff, make for one of the best rotation in baseball.   The bullpen, believe it or not , will be better than last years best in baseball.   We also have several men trying to be the second left hander in the bullpen.   Whom will it be?

Much of the YANKEE success in 2012 will depend on Alex Rodriguez, who has been talking WIN METHOD talk.   We will see if he walks the WIN METHOD walk in 2012.   If he does what he always did we will get what we always got.   A lineup that has to try to deliver and win, playing around the black hole in the lineup.   If Alex can play WIN METHOD baseball, we can have a very promising year.   That is a very big IF. 

We have solid backup rotation pitchers in AAA if the need arises.  Adam Warren leading the pack.   Warren, if in another organization would be a starting major league pitcher now.  In the YANKEE organization, Warren is surrounded by so much talent, it is hard to get to the big team.

There are no imminent needs right now and even if a key player goes down, there is enough depth to make any loss less devastating.

We did not get Yu Darvish, and as everyone has seen Darvish did not sign with the Rangers until the very last day.  He wanted to go back to Japan.  However his Japanese team wanted the 51.7 million dollars more than they wanted Darvish.   Darvish wanted to play for the YANKEES.  But, what is, is.    We skipped on CJ Wilson, who was not WIN METHOD.   The backup plan succeeded and we traded Montero for Pineda and Campos.   We lost a great talent in Montero, but he did not fit the team needs and we did get what we needed in the deal.

Jorge Posada retired and now we are down to two of the core four.  Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter are still going strong.  Think of it YANKEE fans, we have the best reliever and the best position player in baseball over the past twenty years anchoring this 2012 team.   All those playoffs, pennants, and World Series rings.  No other player in baseball has helped their team to more wins and successes than Rivera and Jeter.

In a few weeks we play WHEN it counts and play to achieve 28 in 12.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

WIN METHOD -- Yu Darvish

I couldn't let this go any longer.   As you all know by now, Yu Darvish has decided to play major league baseball and will be posted in Japan any day now.  Yu Darvish is WIN METHOD and would make a fantastic addition to the YANKEES.  This could be the piece that can carry the YANKEES to the 2012 World Series Championship.  The YANKEES will make a very substantial offer to win the rights to be able to negotiate with Darvish.  Yu Darvish if he had his choice, wants to play for the YANKEES, and he wants to WIN.  Those beautiful words 'wants to WIN', not play for himself, but for the team to WIN.  It is now up to the YANKEE ownership to open up the purse strings and earn the rights to Darvish.  After that it will be easy.  Unfortunately, the YANKEES can not control what some other team is willing to spend for the rights to Darvish.  If it was a straight up decision by Darvish, he would become a YANKEE.  If all goes well, Darvish could be a gigantic Christmas present to YANKEE fans from the Steinbrenners. 

If we do not get the rights to Darvish, there is one more option which I am unable to discuss at this time.  Hopefully we will not have to use any backup plans.

I should be home for the Christmas season in the few days.  I would like to wish all you WIN METHOD fans out there, the greatest and most knowledgeable fans in the world, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy and healthy New Year.  

Our goal for 2012 is crystal clear, another World Series Championship. 

From all the information I am getting, the YANKEE pitching in 2012 will be the best in years.  We have minds concentrating on winning and the youngsters will be blooming and growing.   28 in 12.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

WIN METHOD - WINS--determine the best

When talking to fans the question I get asked most is why wins.   A good example of WINS being the only way to determine the best players and the best teams is the first round of this years playoffs.  In all four series the team that scored less runs over the series won their playoff series.  Why, because only WINS determines who wins and who is the best.  Other stats are misleading at best and are usually meaningless in determining best.  It is not how much or how many a player or team can attain, but WHEN they attain or produce.  A quick run down.  The YANKEES scored 28 runs and the Tigers scored 17.  The Tigers won the series 3 games to 2.  The Phillies scored 21 runs and the Cardinals scored 19.  The Cardinals won the series 3 games to 2.  The Diamondbacks scored 25 runs and the Brewers scored 23.  The Brewers won the series 3 games to 2.  The Rays scored 21 runs and the Rangers scored 16 and the Rangers won the series.  Four series and the teams that scored the most runs were all eliminated.  Why???  Because it not how much or many but WHEN that determines the winner and the best.  A player who singles to win a game 3-2 in the 8th inning is far more important than a player who hits a grand slam in the 8th inning that increases his teams lead from 8-1 to 12-1.  A home run and four RBIs that are meaningless or a single and one RBI that determines a WIN, the single and the WIN are what the WIN METHOD is.  The WIN METHOD looks at WINS and winning as what determines greatness, not on how much or how many is attained while losing.  To top it all off the YANKEES who scored the most runs of any team in the playoffs were eliminated and the Rangers who scored the least runs in the playoffs won the easiest.

We have covered defensive stats in previous blog posts.  Just to recap, defensive stats are the most meaningless of any stat and are completely and totally useless.  Defensive stats are cited and used by only the most ignorant baseball fans that exist.  There are so many convoluted man made stats to try to figure out and determine the best, but they are what they are, convoluted and man made.  They determine nothing, but they do keep the stat frauds busy.  There are certain stats that are legitimate and can be used in certain ways, such batting average, RBIs, HRs, walks, strike outs, runs, stolen bases, etc.  These stats tell more about an individual players speed and power more than anything.  they cannot and do not tell you how good a player is.  Only WINS and winning can do that.  A favorite argument of the stat frauds is that if so and so played here or there they would be a winner and or if so and so played here or there they would be a loser.  In this day and age of baseball any player, if he is good enough and coveted enough, can play for almost any team he wishes.  That stat fraud argument does not fly.  It as fraudulent as the stat frauds themselves.

The YANKEES are gone from this years playoffs.  They have no one to blame but themselves, they produced more than any other team in the playoffs, but they did not produce WHEN it mattered most.  That is what determines and separates the winners from the losers.  A few adjustments will be made for next year, but the YANKEE biggest problem is a broken down steroid abuser in Alex Rodriquez and what to do with him and or where to hide him in the lineup.  I would chuck him, but that will not happen.  Hopefully he can come back and help a little.  The YANKEES did so well when he was out of the lineup and won the division easily.  When he came back the wheels seemed to come off the wagon with the black hole he created in the middle of the lineup.

Don't look for the killer B's until late next year.  The YANKEES do not usually bring along guys who have not been seasoned at the AAA level.  Look for Warren and Noesi to get a shot at the rotation or even a quality pitching acquisition during the winter.

Friday, September 2, 2011

WIN METHOD baseballs best blog

The WIN METHOD, baseballs number one blog, the blog that separates facts and winning from fantasy games and losers has just surpassed seven million views from fans all around the world. Fans from over one hundred countries spanning the globe have visited the WIN METHOD blog and have posted comments. Fans if you really want to understand baseball and what it takes to win and the be the best, welcome. However, if you want to bury your head in the sand, recite, and spew meaningless individual statistics, this is not the place for you.

Updating all WIN METHOD fans. Due to hurricane Irene and the havoc it caused throughout the mid eastern states this blog was unable to receive any comments made by all of you. Major communication and transmission lines where severely damaged by the hurricane and there was no land line phone service, no cell phone service, and no internet service for people here in North Carolina. Phone and internet service was restored and still is being restored for some piece meal. This blog was out of service for over one week and all of your comments during that period have been lost in space. We are up and running again and the YANKEES are making their final push to the playoffs and the second season. 

The YANKEES just completed a series in boston against the redsux winning two of three games and as we play the final month of the season we are in virtual tie with the sux for first place, with both teams more than likely to make the playoffs. Since coming off the disabled list with a calf injury, Derek Jeter has taken his team on his back and kept the YANKEES at the edge of first place and in a great position to make its final run in the final month of the regular season.

The YANKEES have added several players to the roster as of September 1st, including highly touted WIN METHOD selectee Jesus Montero. Now if we can only keep Montero away from Afraud and being contaminated, Montero may have a very jeweled career in front of him helping the YANKEES to playoffs, pennants, and World Series titles.

Another reminder to you stat frauds out there. We all here at the WIN METHOD are still waiting for any of your ilk to post here and explain just how your losing players are better than the WIN METHOD champion winning players. You stat frauds are missing out on what baseball has to offer, but then again you have your brain dead fantasy leagues to play with yourselves.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

WIN METHOD - JETER 3000 and more

In the next few days Derek Jeter, the greatest major league baseball player over the past twenty years will reach 3000 hits. Jeter will be the twenty-eighth player in the history of baseball to achieve this feat. Jeter will be the first YANKEE to  reach the 3000 hit plateau. Jeter will be the only shortstop who played his entire career at the shortstop position to achieve this individual milestone. When you consider the names of the great YANKEES of the past, and the miniscule amount of players on all teams who have reached 3000 hits, Jeter reaching 3000 hits is a major accomplishment. Jeter is the consummate professional, no ego, plays for the team to WIN not individual statistics. One of the greatest defensive shortstops in the history of baseball. Second to none on popups, turning the double play, coming in on slow rollers, and vast range in all directions. Jeter is the poster boy for MLB. Never an iota of bad publicity, no steroids, charming, and charismatic. No player in the past twenty years has led his team to as many playoffs, pennants and World Series titles. Those are the true measure of greatness and great players, NEVER meaningless individual stats. WINS and WINNING determine the greatest of the great players of the game. Jeter will be the first to tell anyone who really knows baseball, and is intelligent enough to listen, just that. Jeter plays for the team to win and no player over the past twenty years had done that more or better. Congratulations to Jeter for his individual accomplishment, but more and bigger congratulations for helping his team WIN.

It appears steroids are catching up to Alex Rodriquez. His body seems to breaking down with more and more nagging injuries of every kind. Sad to say, the YANKEES may have made Rodriquez the most overpaid player in the history of baseball.

The second half of the season should be fun in the American League East with three of the best teams in baseball in the same division fighting for the pennant. The return of Jeter, Colon, and Hughes could be the edge the YANKEES need to win it all. Then there is always the possibility making a deal to fill any perceived needs.

WIN METHOD special draft selection Adam Warren started the season at AAA Scranton moving very quickly through the minor league system. Warren is 6-3 so far this season while showing some flashes of brilliance at time. Warren will reach the major league level soon one way or another.

To reiterate to all fans of the WIN METHOD and anyone else who reads this blog. WINS and WINNING determines the greatest players in the game. Individual personal stats do not make a player great, only WINS and WINNING can make a player one of the greatest of all time. The stat geeks when asked why their individual stat player doesn't help his team win, will always's his team mates fault, if he played somewhere else he would win. In this day and age of baseball any player can go anywhere he wants, IF a team would have him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In traveling the country and talking with baseball fans, the questions I get the most are 1.why the WIN METHOD and 2.what makes the WIN METHOD so successful? Most WIN METHOD fans know the answer to these questions already having been followers of the WIN METHOD for many years now. For the skeptics and new fans coming to this blog, I will speak to these questions here. Unfortunately many so many fans of baseball have been dumbed down as to why baseball is played and the desired results sought by most ownership. These dumbed down fans idolize individual statistics. They create and manufacture statistics which tell you little to nothing regarding a players ability to help his team win. In particular, defensive statistics that erroneously measure range of a fielder are totally worthless and are used only by the most ignorant fans of the game. Individual statistics for a hitter tell what a hitter is capable of doing. These stats can tell a hitters propensity for getting a hit, hitting a home run, driving in runs, scoring runs, etc. These individual statistics however, do not tell of the players ability to do what is needed to help his team WIN. A player can be the greatest individually while not being the greatest using the WIN METHOD. Baseball is the ultimate team game. A player scores a run because a team mate may knock him in, a hitter may get an RBI because a team mate got on base to be knocked in. Hitting for a high average is nice, but when you get a hit is usually far more important. Lets talk pitchers for a moment. There are two kinds of statistics for pitchers, those that are strictly individual to the pitcher and those that determine how the team fares. A pitchers job is to WIN or for a bullpen pitcher to hold and or save a game. As the pitchers earn these stats, they are directly related to what their team mates do on the field to allow them to get into the position of earning these individual stats. However, a caveat to a pitchers stat is that a pitchers stat can be directly related to the teams stats. The individual pitchers statistics that only deal with the pitcher himself in the big picture are then relatively meaningless. Wins, holds, and saves are the true measurement of a pitchers ability to help his team succeed. The more wins, holds, and saves the pitching staff earn, the more wins the team earns. And wins is why baseball is played. If you learn anything from the WIN METHOD, learn that wins is why baseball is played. Nothing else matters. Getting back to hitters. A hitter who hits .280 can be more valuable to his team than a .310 hitter on another team. A player with 85 RBIs can be more valuable to his team than a player on another team with 120 RBIs. How can this be? This can be because it is not the individual amassing of personal numbers that matter, it is when these numbers are achieved that matters....For example, a grand slam HR in the eight inning of a game your team is winning 11-2 is meaningless for the team and the end result of the game, but it really adds to the individual players personal stats. While a sacrifice fly in the eight inning to help your team win a one run game can be far more valuable to the team in that it helped the team win the game. I can go on forever, but hopefully you get the gist of the WIN METHOD. The WIN METHOD measures players on their ability to help their team win and solely on their ability to help their tam win. The best of the best players in todays game are the players who help their team to the most playoffs, pennants, and World Series rings.
If anyone has any questions, please post them in the comment section and any of the millions of brilliant WIN METHOD fans will be sure to answer.
Remember WIN METHOD fans, the goal 28 in 11.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Recently WIN METHOD fans were told Andy Pettitte would pitch this year for the YANKEES. At the time of that post Andy had confirmed he would pitch this year. Andy stated such in his retirement press conference today. Earlier this week Andy changed his mind because he felt the WIN METHOD desire was no longer in the pit of his stomach. That statement from Andy, that the overwhelming desire to go through the grind and have that desire in the pit of his stomach defines the WIN METHOD. That desire is the WIN METHOD. You aren't the best unless you are WIN METHOD. That is what made Pettitte the winningest pitcher in baseball over the span of his career, the winningest pitcher in the history of post season competition, and the starting pitcher with the most World Series rings over his career. Andys' departure leaves a huge void in the YANKEE rotation, but that void will be filled by an up and coming future star from the YANKEE farm system. We will overcome. Andy will be missed. We congratulate Andy and his family, and wish him all the luck in the world in any future endeavors.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Just confirmed by WIN METHOD, YANKEE pitcher Andy Pettitte will return to the YANKEE rotation as a starter for the 2011 season. This is great news for the YANKEE fans who know baseball. Andy has been the most dominant left handed pitcher in baseball over his career and the pitcher with more post season wins than any other pitcher in baseball history. Winning at the highest level makes a player the best of the best.
In other news, the YANKEE roster for the start of the 2011 season will look something like this. 1. Derek Jeter ss 2. Nick Swisher rf 3. Mark Teixeira 1b 4. Alex Rodriquez 3b 5. Robinson Cano 2b 6. Curtis Granderson cf 7. Jorge Posada dh 8. Russell Martin c 9. Brett Gardner lf. The two and six spot could easily be flip flopped. Changes will be allowed for rival pitcher, player rest, and who is hot and who is not.
It is great to see the three fantastic Gold Glove winners in the infield for the YANKEES. Led by Captain Derek Jeter at shortstop. Jeter still has overwhelming range, sure handed skills, and is the best in baseball at charging infield rollers, turning the double play, going into the hole, and snagging popups in ever direction. Cano is still developing his skills at second base and is a most smooth, fluid, and talented commodity. Then their is Mark Teixeira at first base. Snags the hottest shots both to his left and right and one hops throws from his infielders better than anyone in baseball.
As the season begins the YANKEES start with the best bullpen in baseball. With the best closer in Mariano Rivera, the best eighth inning setup man in Rafael Soriano, and a combination of David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, and Pedro Feliciano for the sixth and seventh innings, the YANKEE pen is second to none.
I would like to take a minute to brief any newcomers to the WIN METHOD blog about the WIN METHOD. The WIN METHOD evaluates players on how they perform by helping their team WIN. The object of baseball is to WIN games. The more games any team WINS, the more likely they will advance to the playoffs. To advance through the playoffs, each team must WIN rounds of games, and the team who does this the most WINS the coveted prize, the World Series. Playing for the team is the crux of the WIN METHOD, not playing for ones own personal stats. Personal stats are used by stat frauds who accept losing over winning as long as their selected player(s) do more for themselves than for the team. The WIN METHOD does not really care what a player achieves for himself, it can be a little or a lot. The most important fact must be, did the team WIN. The team WINS with the contribution of every player on the team contributing during each and every game. This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways. Hitting, defensively, pitching (both starters and relievers), base running, intangibles, etc. It is never a matter of how much or how many a player earns for himself, but did the team earn the WIN. WINNING IS WHY BASEBALL IS PLAYED. The use of any other measure is for frauds of the game.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WIN METHOD moving forward to 2011 season

I first must apologize for the wrong information I posted regarding Cliff Lee and his signing with the YANKEES. I can not go into the nitty gritty of how and why I got to the point where I felt Lee would definitely be a YANKEE, but I erred by misreading Lee.
However, being someone who is always positive and sees the glass as half full, this may be a good opportunity for the YANKEES to step forward in another direction. Look for some deals to be made, youngsters from the farm to be given a bigger role, and some of the veterans to step up and shine a little brighter. As the old saying goes, 'the tough get going when the going gets tough'. The playoffs are not earned by stats of individual players, but by WINS earned by all players on the team. All of the current commotion and ado can be pushed to the side and the team can and will move forward to the playoffs and beyond for yet another year in 2011. The best rise to a challenge, and we are going to be the best again.
Look for Andy Pettitte to come back for one more year, AJ Burnett to have his best year ever, the captain to rebound with a brilliant year, and some new pitchers on the block to step up. We will earn 28 in 11. And we will earn it because of the character and fortitude our team will display. We are WIN METHOD.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WIN METHOD at Winter Meetings 2010

The news is Cliff Lee will sign a YANKEE contract. Lee will help solidify the YANKEE rotation as the number two man behind CC Sabathia. It appears to be a six year contract which would mean Lee will finish his career as a YANKEE. Other great news which in essence were no brainers Derek Jeter the captain, and Mariano Rivera, both lifelong YANKEES who vowed neither would ever wear another teams uniform are both signed and ready to go for 28 in 11. Andy Pettitte still hasn't made a final decision on whether or not he will return for 2011. In my opinion, I think Andy will return for one more year and then positively pack it in and retire, win or lose. The goal is to have Lee signed before Christmas. That way the Lee family will have the merriest Christmas ever. Derek Jeter at 36 is highest paid shortstop in baseball, the best shortstop in baseball, the cover boy for Major League Baseball, a sure first round Hall of Fame inductee, the best defensive shortstop in baseball over the past decade and a half, and one of the great YANKEES of all time. Mariano Rivera has simply been the greatest relief pitcher in baseball history. What more can you say, that's all folks.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Here are my choices and why for the first round playoff roster for the World Champion NEW YORK YANKEES. We are looking for the best twenty-five players who could be of the most value to help the team WIN through the first round of the American League playoffs.
Starting with the pitching staff, probably the most important position on any team. I go with eleven pitchers...1. CC Sabathia, 2. Andy Pettitte, 3. Phil Hughes, 4. AJ Burnett, as the possible starters. 5. Mariano Rivera, as the closer. 6. Boone Logan, 7. Royce Ring as the lefty relievers. I choose Ring to give Girardi somewhat more flexibility in the spot lefty reliever spot. 8. Joba Chamberlain, 9. Kerry Wood, 10. David Robertson, as the right handed relievers and 11. Ivan Nova as the possible long reliever if needed and or spot reliever.
For catcher, I would carry just two, 12. Jorge Posada, and 13. Francisco Cervelli.
At first base, it would be 14. Mark Teixeira, and 15. Lance Berkman.
At second, third, and short my selections are 16. Derek Jeter (the best baseball player in MLB over the past decade and a half), 17. Robinson Cano, 18. Alex Rodriquez, 19. Ramiro Pena, and 20. Eduardo Nunez, the last two for base stealing speed and late defensive prowess at third base.
Finally for the outfield, 21. Brett Gardner, 22. Nick Swisher, 23. Curtis Granderson, 24. Marcus Thames, and 25. Greg Golson. Golson for late inning defense and the ability to steal in a crucial situation.
In my view, this group of twenty-five offers the best pitching, hitting, defense, speed, and flexibility in order to cover any aspect of any game depending on any situation.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Take heart WIN METHOD fans. This is not the end of the world or even signs of trouble. First, we have made the playoffs. The sole goal for every team over the 162 game regular season schedule should be to make the playoffs. Everyone plays an unequal biased schedule with some teams having it easier than others. But, that is the way the present day MLB schedule is constructed. One winner in each division and the 2nd place team with the most WINS make the playoffs. Everything comes down to and is based on WINS and winning. Nothing else matters, no individual stats (except for WINS and Saves by pitchers). Not how many HRs, or runs scored, or BAs. Only WINS. WINS determine the best players and teams over the 162 game schedule. What I am getting at is it makes no difference whether or not you win your division or are the wild card. The four teams all go to the playoffs. The playoffs are where the 'second season' begins. As a team you win your first series and you move to the next, you lose you go home as one of the eight best teams in baseball. Sadly the far inferior national league teams are given equal value equal to the much superior American League teams. Some American League teams do not go to the second season even though they are better than the national league teams who do go to the playoffs. Being the wild card is not so bad and even may be a blessing to a quality American League team. It just might raise the awareness level and stir up the competitive juices of the wild card team. As a wild card team, yes you are a great team, but there are other great teams with the same goal as you, the WORLD Championship. The title WORLD CHAMPION 2010 can only be earned by winning and WINS. Absolutely nothing else matters, no matter what you may hear from brain dead talking heads and the stat fraud fools of the world, who live and die with their fantasy world. In the real world, only WINS determines the best of the best.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. S. --- The BOSS

World champion New York YANKEE owner George Steinbrenner passed away today at his home in Tampa, Florida. The greatest owner the game of baseball has ever known or will ever know leaves a legacy of winning and World Championships over his ownership era, second to no one. Mr.S. who had the wisdom to see the WIN METHOD as the greatest tool ever created in baseball for evaluating and finding some of the greatest talents to ever play the game and the wisdom to fund and use this tool to make the YANKEES of the past decade and a half the greatest sports team in the world. Mr.S. took a 10 million dollar investment, and built the greatest and richest sports franchise in the world. His continuous and never ending reinvesting of his profits to continually build and get better is an ear mark of the free enterprise system that has made America the greatest power in the world. I wish to offer the Stienbrenner family my warmest condolences, with all YANKEE fans a tear of sadness, all WIN METHOD fans a cheer for having the wisdom of being the smartest fans in the world. I have lost a friend and partner and am very sad, but as Captain Derek Jeter stated today, 'we must rejoice in what "the boss" has done for us and baseball and celebrate his life.' Hail the Boss, the Boss is dead. Rest In Peace Mr.S. We will have another beer together in heaven.

Monday, April 19, 2010

WIN METHOD Potpourri

So far so good. The WIN METHOD YANKEE 2010 season is off to a brilliant start. For the first time since 1926 the YANKEES have won the first four series to start a season.
This years team appears to be the best and deepest at all positions and aspects of the game.
A quick update on Adam Warren, the special WIN METHOD draft selection in 2009. Adam went to the Staten Island YANKEE team after being drafted and pitched brilliantly for the Staten Island team. Adam has quickly been promoted to the YANKEE Tampa (high A)team for the 2010 season, and has started off very well in his first two starts. Look for Adam to move up this season to AA and possibly AAA.
Always remember WIN METHOD fans and you newbies coming to this blog for the first few times. Baseball is played for the success of the team, not for the success of any one player. The best players play for playoff teams, pennant winners, and World Series winners. The players who do this most over their careers are the very best players in the game. Not the wannabees win their individual stats, that the stat frauds would lead you to believe. The high individual stat guys are great for fantasy baseball games where winning does not matter. In the real baseball world, it is winning, and only winning that matters.
The YANKEE welcome home dinner was fantastic, opening day was the best ever. The first opening day in the new YANKEE Stadium as World Champions. First home stand resulted in five wins from six games.
Thank you WIN METHOD fans. For being the most knowledgeable YANKEE baseball fans in the world, no, the most knowledgeable baseball fans of anyone in the world. Keep up the great posts and positive attitudes. Keep putting the stat frauds in their place, last place, and keep spreading the WIN METHOD, the gospel of winning and being the best.

Monday, January 25, 2010

WIN METHOD: understanding

The WIN METHOD blog has been used for over 1 1/2 years now by knowledgeable baseball fans. It is fully understood by young and old of all genders, except by those who are unwilling or unable to understand. The WIN METHOD is a two part process for discovering and selecting the best players. In this blog entree, we will discuss only the evaluation of a player after each year and over his career.
Stat users evaluate players based on their individually attained stats and then claim who is best based on that criteria. That may be fine if baseball was played only for what each individual can attain for himself and the heck with his team. But baseball is played for the team to succeed and the success of any team is based on what all the players contribute to help the team to the most success.
When using the WIN METHOD, you must evaluate players as equally as possible. You cannot take a starting everyday player and try to compare him to a bench player of another team. Only the stat frauds would do that, and they have. It is best, when at all possible to try to compare players at their position. First baseman to first baseman, catcher to catcher, outfielder to outfielder, starting pitcher to starting pitcher, closer to closer, etc.
It is most difficult, even for the WIN METHOD to compare players from the many different eras over baseball history. It is best to compare players from players of the same era. Then to realize that the best players who helped their team to the most success were just that, the best players in each era. Right now we will just touch on the present era, something we are all readily comfortable with.
As has been discussed in previous blog entries, we all know just how misleading individual stats can be. The WIN METHOD uses stats only to visit player traits. Home runs hitters have power, stolen base leaders have speed, etc. The WIN METHOD uses the players ability to help his team win and succeed. This can be achieved by a bunt, a sacrifice fly, moving a runner, a game saving defensive play, turning a double play, and other intangibles. Wins and success of the team, are the reason the game of baseball is played. Wins and team success is the only way players should be evaluated each year and over their career. When a player helps his team succeed with lesser stats than the stat frauds individual achiever, the first thing you hear is the stat guys team mates stink or look who the team success player played with. Stat frauds are good at demeaning team mates of the individual guy and demeaning the winners if the winner has lesser stats. Let them play in the mud and splatter themselves.
In this era, the players who help lead their team to the playoffs, pennants, and World Series the most, are the best players in the game. No, the 25th player on a playoff team is not better than the top player on a losing team, but he is for darn sure better than the 25th player on any of the losing teams. There is absolutely no reason to evaluate players on anything but for why the game is played. But stat frauds need fodder for their fantasy leagues, so they use individual stats. In the mean time, the WIN METHOD players walk off with a World Series ring or two on their fingers, and in some cases a fist full of rings.
WIN METHOD fans, don't ever let anyone tell you the champion or the winner is not best. Laud and praise the champion while always recognizing the feats of the individual. It takes great talent to gather and attain great individual numbers, but always remember, the goal of a baseball game or season is for the team to win, not any individual. The WIN METHOD recognizes the best because they win. The best always win, no ifs, ands, or buts, no excuses. WIN METHOD fans leave that to the stat frauds.

Monday, November 9, 2009


The WIN METHOD has just completed its 15th year of operation. As a player evaluation tool, the WIN METHOD is second to none. The WIN METHODs record of success is unparalleled over these past 15 years. 15 seasons, 14 times reaching the playoffs, 7 pennants and 5 WORLD SERIES championships. No other team is even in the ballpark in attaining this record of success and achievement.
Since this blog was started, you the YANKEE fans, the greatest fans in the world, have been posting and reading and learning from this site. Your support is second to none and you guys and gals make the baseball talk forums look like morgues. particularly when it comes to wisdom, insight and baseball knowledge. Thank you all.
The WIN METHOD will be working this off season to improve our great YANKEE team in an attempt to begin the second decade of the 21st century with another playoff, pennant, and WORLD SERIES team. Our goal is to win it all in 2010.
Hope you all enjoyed the parade through the Canyon of Heroes and the ceremonies at City Hall in New York. I went to Tampa to visit Mr.S. and we watched the event together on television. Thank you Mr.S for what you have done for the YANKEE team, your unwavering support of the WIN METHOD, giving the YANKEE fans the grandest new baseball park in the world, and your unending desire to WIN.
Touching on this past season, the playoffs, and the World Series. What a season from manager Joe Girardi and his staff who seemed to push all the right buttons while being above the ignorant second guessing from the sports media. The impeccable handling of the pitching staff, the building of camaraderie on the team, and the winning attitude you have shown. And how about the CORE FOUR, Captain Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada. All the best at their respective position over the past 15 years in baseball. All original WIN METHOD evaluated and selected players and all possible future Hall of Famers.
YANKEE fans, basque in the glory of your team, keep supporting your team, and keep coming back to this blog. I will try to keep you all abreast of any significant happenings whenever possible.

Friday, September 18, 2009


One of the WIN METHODS first player selections and arguably possibly the greatest was Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter is the consumate ball player, a true leader, a clutch performer, a consistent performer, a man of character, charisma, reliability, and dependability.
Recently Derek Jeter surpassed Lou Gehrigs all time hit total as a player wearing a YANKEE uniform. Lou had held the title for the past seventy-two years.
There are a couple of other facts regarding Jeter which illustrate his overwhelming greatness and his being the best baseball player in the world over the past fifteen plus years. One, Derek Jeter has won more baseball games than other MLB player. This is an amazing fete considering some of the names of players one could throw around over the past fifteen years. Two, Derek Jeters popup rate to the infield is the lowest in all of MLB by an unbelievably wide margin. Jeter pops out to the infield approximately one time for every one hundred at bats. An astonishing fete that no one else comes close to.
Throw in this fact, Jeter has helped lead his team to the playoffs every year but one of his career. He has won six American League pennants and four World Series. Jeters defense at shortstop is second to no one in baseball and he, over his career, has made plays in crucial situations that no other player could ever dream of.
Congratulation, Derek Jeter, for what you have accomplished and will still accomplish in the future.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today we will review several WIN METHOD tenets and cover several topics.
First off, YANKEE fans, let us congratulate our team on this weekends performance in sweeping four games from the bosux. Keep in mind however this WIN METHOD tenet. No team is as good as they seem when on a winning streak, and no team is as bad as they seem when they are on a losing streak.
Secondly, with my years of baseball knowledge, I can very confidently say the YANKEES will make the playoffs.
Third, always remember this all important tenet of the WIN METHOD. The single most important tool in evaluating a player is WHEN that player performs. Never how much or how many he attains for himself, but WHEN he delivers to help in creating a win for the team. Get rid of the stat fraud individual stats and see which teams are led to the playoffs by the best players in the game.
Fourth, WIN METHOD fans and followers are the most knowledgeable, wisest fans in all of baseball. Thank you all for contributing so much to this blog, keeping the train moving and your choo choos.
Finally the most important issue. After all his seasons in baseball, it finally appears our friend Afaud has come of age. He has done more to help the team win this year than during any season for any team he has played for. Maybe his hip injury and his time away at the beginning of the season has helped make a difference. But recently, Arod has become part of the team, finally realizing others produce WHEN it counts, not just him, and all members of the team help in achieving the goal of team success. He has shown joy when others than himself have produced. His corruption of Cano and Melky has ceased since Jeter has taken them under his wing.
Always remember WIN METHOD fans, it is the team that wins, no individual player. Individuals can succeed for themselves statistically, but if the team does not win, the individual stats are meaningless except for use by stat frauds and fantasy leagues.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Lets start this with some great news. A pure WIN METHOD draft selection in the recent MLB draft, the YANKEES were wise enough and fortunate enough to draft North Carolina native Adam Warren. A fantastic WIN METHOD pitching prospect and a player to watch develop. Adam Warren is a hard nose kid who wants to win and puts winning and his team as his top priority. Look for Adam in the Stadium in a few years.

After a rough patch, the YANKEE train seems to be rolling again. The playoffs and the second season are the goal. Choo choo.

The skuttlebut regarding Alex Rodriquez and his lack of consistent performance this season are taking two directions. First the minor one, his hip surgery has slowed his ability and may be the problem. Second, his use of steroids and corrupting the game is catching up to him (this can happen at different ages to different players) and he may be on a downhill trend in the future. This is not good news for the YANKEE team, who in ARod may have made one of their worst signings of all time.

WHEN WHEN WHEN...WIN METHOD fans, you all know how much the WIN METHOD talks of when a player produces compared to how many he produces. Last nights game is a very good example. First of all, we all believe that no player should give up an at bat. The WIN METHOD agrees, but here is the difference between producing WHEN it counts as opposed to not counting very much, if at all. The YANKEES scored five runs in the eight and ninth innings in their 9-1 win over the Mets yesterday. For the stat frauds and fantasy game players, that was great news if the had those players who produced in a relatively meaningless situation. That is the crux of producing WHEN it matters and when it does not matter. The pressure of producing late in the game in games that mean the most is pure WIN METHOD, and defines the great players. Producing in the late innings of a game that has for all intents and purposes has been decided, does not mean much to the WIN METHOD, but it surely pads stats of individual players and makes the fantasy players happy. Remember fans, it is never how much or how many a player attains for himself (except for pitcher wins and saves), but WHEN a player produces for his team. WINS and winning is the goal and the result that determines the greatness of teams and players. The best players create the best teams. The WIN METHOD always acknowledges the winners and best players.

Friday, May 22, 2009

WIN METHOD refresher and newcomers

With the YANKEE train rolling (choo choo) I thought this would be good time to review the WIN METHOD philosophy and set the record straight regarding the postings of a few WIN METHOD detractors, stat frauds, and fans who do not comprehend the game (business)of baseball. First and foremost, the WIN METHOD believes that the object of baseball and the goal of each team is to win games, go to the playoffs, win pennants, and win World Series. The teams who accomplish these goals the most are the best teams in baseball. The players on these teams who help their team reach these goals the most are the best players in baseball based on their each individual role on their team. Thus, it is fair to compare starting pitchers, ace,2,3,4,5, of other teams ace,2,3,4,5. Fair to compare starting everyday position players to other teams starting everyday position players. Closers to closers, utility players to utility players. It is very unfair to compare a utility player on a WS team to a starting position player on another tea. Something the WIN METHOD detractors, stat frauds, and fans who do not know baseball try to do. The WIN METHOD acknowledges and credits every player on any team who helps his team to the playoffs and beyond each season. With the players, who over their career, help their team to the most and highest successes, to be the best players in baseball during their era. Do not compare players in the 1920's to players in the 1950's to players in the 1980's to players in the 2000's.
Lets look at the career of the what seems to be the present day whipping boy, Alex Rodriquez, aka Arod, aka Afraud. Alex has helped teams to playoffs over his career, but never a pennant, and never a World Series. Alex is one of the best individual talents in MLB. But he plays for himself and not the team success. The stat frauds use to and may still do, use a convoluted misleading stat call 'replacement value'. It places a value on a player moving from one team to another and just how many more wins or less wins he would mean for his new team. Stat fraud wise, Alex has had one of the highest values in the corrupt stat fraud fantasy game world. But here are some facts from when Alex left Seattle, went to the Texas Rangers, and then went to the YANKEES. There is no question Alex is not solely responsible for these following results, but the results are so glaring and the complete opposite to the stat fraud 'replacement value' for Alex. To concrete the point here re Alex, the facts are used in before and after three year periods, to illustrate the facts are just not one year flukes. Remember fans, these are documented facts of team results with and without Alex. 1998,1999,2000, Alexs last 3 years with Seattle, the team won an average of 82 games per year. When Alex left Seattle, they immediately for the next 3 years, 2001,2002,2003, won an average of 101 games each year. That is an astounding 19 games per year more wins with no Alex on the team. Now we will look at the Texas Rangers seasons before, with, and after Alex. 1998,1999,2000 without Alex, Texas won an average of 85 games per year. In 2001,2002,2003, with Alex, the Rangers won an average of 72 games per year. The won 13 less games each year with Alex. Then in 2004,2005,2006, Texas again without Alex won an average of 83 games each year. That is up 11 games per year without Alex. Then the end all, the YANKEES in 2001,2002,2003, without Alex, won an average of 100 games per year. With Alex in 2004,2005,2006, the YANKEES won an average of 98 games per year, no question a modest drop, but as Alex stays with the YANKEES they win only 94 games in 2007, and win only 89 games in 2008, a continued drop. Is it all Aless fault, absolutely not, but he is unquestionably the single biggest factor in the failure of each team to perform at the level they performed at without him. To add another point of which I have first hand knowledge of, when Alex became a free agent and left Seattle, he could have gone to any team, played for any playoff, pennant, and WS contender, but he played for himself, he wanted to be the highest paid player in baseball, took money (which was his right and decision). He took money before a chance to win pennants and World Series.
To touch on another subject. We let anyone post their thoughts here at WIN METHOD, as long as they are civil and not vulgar. We don't mind calling an idiot an idiot. Unlike the poorly operated baseball forums, we don't need an email address, any personal facts, and we do not ban anyone for expressing their views. You can't say that about the baseball forums. You get more YANKEE information here faster than anywhere. Tex signing, CC signing, Afraud return to lineup on May 8th., etc. You the fans understand that winning is why baseball is played, and to be the best you must win. You are not the best because some half witted stat fraud wants to tell you so, because of his misleading, convoluted, individual stats. You fans have made this blog the rising star of baseball talk. I will not accept any of the many offers to commercialize this blog and waste your time with popups and advertisements. Keep posting and enjoy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

WIN METHOD/WE vs individual stats/me

The first thing the baseball stat frauds bellow about their individual stat guys is, look how great he is, the team isn't winning because everybody else stinks. For stat frauds, it is the me attitude and philosophy. The first thing WIN METHOD followers ask, is how did we do. For WIN METHOD fans, it is the accomplishment of the team with contributions by all players that matters and leads to winning games.
For a player to get and RBI, he either hits a HR or scores a team mate in any of a variety of ways. For a player to score a run, he gets on base in any of a variety of ways, and then scores when a team mate does something to allow him to score. A pitchers primary objective is to win the game, if he can't win the game, his next objective is to pass the baton to a team mate who then may have that opportunity. A pitcher can not win a game in any way however, unless his team mates get on base and score runs. Baseball is a totally interdependent game where the success of the team, which is the sole objective of the game, coincides with how almost everyone performs conectively in every game. Get on base, score a run because team mates move you along and score you, score a team mate because they got on and you can move them along. Get a hold or a save because your team mates put you in that position. Baseball in never me as the stat frauds would lead you to believe, but a game of we, exactly what the WIN METHOD lives by.
You all know the Arod history of failure at the team level (we), but glory by the stat frauds at the (me) level. Just a bit of information for everyone, Ramiro Pena in just a few short games has gotten major run producing hits in the late innings of two close games that helped his team win, something Arod has not been able to do in his career with the YANKEES.
WE, WE, WE, over me, me, me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

WIN METHOD & Baseball Draft

As you know, the WIN METHOD is a highly developed sophisticated interview process, where the interviewee does not know the real purpose of the interview. This process has been developed over several decades and now serves as the greatest evaluation tool in baseball. That fact becomes even more awe inspiring when the teams draft picks are the last or very near the last each year. What make the WIN METHOD so successful, is it looks for players who have the mental makeup and desire to play on the 'big stage and under the bright lights' of New York, and for the greatest team in baseball history. To get a fantastic perspective on the interview process and its value, read Chapter 6 "What Winners Are Made Of" in Jack Welchs book WINNING.
Anyone can peruse meaningless individual stats, and sometimes these gaudy individual stat players are WIN METHOD players. Unfortunately, because of the way the baseball draft is set up, a team cannot draft its top choices. That is why the WIN METHOD is the best tool, it can find players that can help the team succeed that other organizations tend to pass up. Remember, the greatest players are not always the ones with the highest individual stats (fools gold), but the players who can help your team win the most by producing at the right time and under the greatest degree of pressure. Baseball 'Free Agency" (FA), was the final straw that finalized the WIN METHODs development. FA allowed the WIN METHOD to obtain players down the road, that it was unable to select in the draft. Plus, it also gave the option to obtain them when and if they needed them. But it did come at a price. fortunately, the dollar burden was not an issue with the greatest owner in baseball over the past 40 years, the great Mr.S., George Steinbrenner.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey there WIN METHOD fans. I would like to illustrate to you, with an example of just how misleading stats can be and take you down a road only fools travel. The YANKEES opened the season with a three game series in Baltimore. The YANKEES scored more runs, got more hits, played error less defense while the O's committed two errors. Nice stats for the YANKEES, only one problem, the O's won two of the three games. How can that be, you may ask. Why? Because stats only document what happened. Statistics do not determine who wins, only what happened. Only winning determines who is best, because being the best is determined by WHEN you produce, not by how many or much you produce. The Orioles produced to a lesser degree, but produced WHEN it mattered. That is why they won two of the three games, The Orioles were the best team over those three games. Winning determines the best. No stats, no fool talking head on any of the sports shows, or newspapers, and not by any fools on baseball talk forums. That is why the WIN METHOD player evaluation system is undeniably the best way to judge a player over his career, by comparing players to each other in similar eras. At the end of a 162 game baseball season, the players who help lead their team to the playoffs are the best players in the game. The players who do this the most and then also help lead their team through the playoffs and to the World Series are the best players in their era. Put this in your back pocket and always remember when you hear people talking stats and comparing players, they know not of what they speak. Be the wise WIN METHOD fan, set them straight, then walk away laughing as they try to explain what fools they are, when they say their players who consistently fail to help their team achieve, are their best players. HAPPY EASTER

Monday, March 30, 2009


Spring training is just about over and the regular baseball season is ready to start. The YANKEES are concluding one of their best spring trainings ever. Much of that do to the loss of Alex Rodriquez (a non WIN METHOD player), and the continued development of some of the best WIN METHOD talent under contract. The longer Alex is out of the lineup, the better the chance of the team to win the AL East division. I talked with the YANKEE players and discussed how to handle Arods return to the lineup. How they must minimize the distraction, the controversy, and play their WIN METHOD game. Play around Arods lack of team play and ignore his antics. This is a very deep squad, with many players who could be starting for many other teams, riding the bench at one time or another. The outfield, the catchers, and the DH will be rotated with everyone getting a chance to contribute. Shortstop is the most solid position on the team, and barring injury will be the heart and soul of the team. Look for the team to get off to a decent start and keep moving forward into the playoffs. That is the goal of the WIN METHOD team. Individual stats are secondary and meaningless, except for the non WIN METHOD players, the stat frauds, and fantasy games. Remember fans, for winning baseball, it is WHEN you produce, not how much or how many you attain for yourself. Except for pitchers of course, we want them to earn as many WINS for themselves as they can, because a WIN for a pitcher is a WIN for the TEAM.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey WIN METHOD fans. I said I wouldn't blog until I got back from Tampa, but I couldn't let this go. It appears the YANKEES have the leverage on Arod, for him to have the surgery for his torn labrum very soon. If we catch a break and he misses the season, it would be very likely the YANKEES will get their 27th World Series title. See you soon, and thanks for all the great comments. I will cover your questions when I get back.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Understanding WIN METHOD

It appears there is some confusion out there regarding the WIN METHOD. 99 44/100% of the confusion seems to be in the minds of the stat frauds. Who would have guessed? First, the WIN METHOD defines a player for a season, several seasons, or a career based on how much they helped there team reach the playoffs, win pennants, and win the World Series. The more times a player helps his team reach these goals the higher his rating. Now, that is not to complicated. Second, I use stats, probably most everybody uses stats in one way or another. The use of stats to see how much power a player shows, high high an average he hits, how many runs he scores, RBIs he gets and so on is fine and tells much about players. However, there is only one truly valid way to judge just how good any players is. And that is using the WIN METHOD evaluation. It makes no difference what an individuals personal stats are. Many of those individual stats are dependent on his team mates anyways. Plus, what an individual accomplishes for himself, is not the object of the game. That last sentence is where the stat frauds are led astray. The object of the game is for the overall success of the team. That is exactly why players must be judged on how they help the team succeed. Yes, a players final evaluation is based on his team mates. Team mates playing together for the success of the team, the reason the games are played. As great as one individuals personal stats may be, if he does not provide what is needed WHEN it is needed, that player can hurt a team. WHEN, WHEN, WHEN, the most important element of the WIN METHOD. A sacrifice fly to win a game in the last inning in infinitely more important than a grand slam in last inning of a game your team is winning 10-0. One helps the team win, the other only helps the individuals stats. Stat Fraud can be defined as a person who tries to tell you a player is the best based solely on that players individual statistics. A bigger stat fraud is someone who uses a convoluted made up formula to define a players defensive prowess or anything else about that player. To conclude, there is nothing wrong with using stats, but please do not become a stat fraud and define a players ability by his individual stats. Define a player by using the WIN METHOD, and find out over his career, how many times he helps his team to the playoffs, pennants, and WS. Headed to Tampa for an extended period, more blog when I get back.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Rating players using the WIN METHOD evaluation method is reasonably simple. The results will give you the best of the best of the greatest players in the game. I will claim one caveat however. It is near impossible to compare players of different eras reliably or fairly against each other. It is best to use the WIN METHOD to compare players of the same era or time frame. Different eras had different rules, ballparks were different, the introduction of more teams and the playoff system, there were no Negro, Latin, or Asian players during many eras. Equipment was different, the pitching mound has been altered, etc.

One thing is positive and undeniable (except by stat frauds), is that the greatest of the great players always and consistently helped their team to success and championships. Not individual misguided personal stats, but for the reason the game of baseball has been and is played. The things that determine the greatest. Wins and winning. To be able to determine the greatest of the great players, one only needs to go to the record books and find which players over their careers and eras helped their team to the most playoffs, pennants, and World Series Championships. Rate players by their respective role to each players team. Compare starting position players to other starting position players. Compare pitchers to pitchers, relief pitcher to relief pitchers. Backup infielders to backup infielders and backup outfielders to backup outfielders. Use common sense and always ask why. Why did these players achieve for their team more than others with greater individual stats did for their team. One gigantic WIN METHOD reason, they played for the success of the team, not their individual statistics. Winning was paramount to these greatest of the greats. Their character and will to be the best made them willing to sacrifice individual stats in order to help their team win. There you have it WIN METHOD fans. Take the stat frauds with a grain of salt, look them in the eye and ask them just how their individual stat guys could lose and still be the best. There answer will usually be, it was the players team mates fault.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

WIN METHOD Selection 3

This will be the final points on the WIN METHOD selection process. In the future we will discuss how the WIN METHOD determines the truly best of the best players. The WIN METHOD became active in 1994 after a two year evaluation period. The great YANKEE teams of the mid nineties and hence have predominantly been selected through the WIN METHOD process. Not every single player, but 90% of them. Since the WIN METHODS active inception the YANKEE team has had the best record in baseball, and has consistently been the dominant team. Unfortunately, some players signed have not been WIN METHOD selected. Those signed to minor status (role player) do not hurt the team to a great degree. Those signed to major status (starting position player(, to this day still tend to cripple the team. Playing for ones self, individual stats and individual recognition does not bode well for team chemistry. These players tend to perform well in less meaningful situations, yet tend to fail miserably and consistently when big games are on the line. As we move into the next phase, the WIN METHOD player evaluation, you will see and be able to understand why these players are the best in the game. They WIN, and help their team WIN. The reason the game of baseball in played.

Monday, January 26, 2009

WIN METHOD Selection 2

Delving deeper in the WIN METHOD selection process. The interview is paramount to determining which players can help your team to success. Most baseball enthusiasts just look at stats and make their selections in that manner. Many teams interview players to some minor degree, but their selection is still made using misleading stats.
The WIN METHOD interview reaches the inner soul and beliefs of players. The WIN METHOD determines which players are wiling to help their team succeed over their own individual statistics. Players who are satisfied and accept hitting behind a runner, reaching base safely in any form to keep an inning going, accepting a single in a clutch situation, giving up their body to make a big time defensive play. The WIN METHOD interview was developed and is evolving over a 40 year period. Job seekers in the business world, many times, are hired on the basis of an interview. In other words, there are brilliant people that come from no-name schools that can help businesses succeed more than those from Ivy League schools. The same thing is true in the baseball industry. The greatest players can come from any background and from anywhere. That is where the WIN METHOD selection process comes in. Being used by only one team in Major League Baseball, it has made that team the most consistently dominant and successful team in baseball. The WIN METHOD is able to determine both what free agents and what draftees may be able to help the team and organization to the most success. The greatest asset of the WIN METHOD interview, is that the people being interviewed are not aware of the process they are undergoing. One caveat however, a player can be WIN METHOD for one team and not another, or he can be WIN METHOD for several different teams. It depends on the player. However, only one team truly knows if they have a WIN METHOD player or not.
Here's a tip to you readers, the next time you go for a job interview, be on your toes, prepare, and respond honestly. The great interviewer gives great interviews and can read through the BS.