Saturday, November 15, 2008


C.C. Sabathia will soon become a YANKEE. After having met with YANKEE captain Derek Jeter, and with the greatest owner in MLB opening the purse strings, it appears Sabathia will sign an extended YANKEE contract. This will give the YANKEES a second 'ace' behind Wang, and solidify a very promising staff. If only the YANKEES would not have signed the sieve choker arod at third base, winning would be almost a sure thing. While working around arod is not easy, it can be done. arod has not ever been, nor will ever be a WIN METHOD player. A player who plays for the teams success and not his own personal records.


johnsondc said...

Brilliant stuff. Far ahead of the sports world again. Keep up the good work, and the great information.

Deb F said...

Love this one.

Erica Nuyens said...

It seems like a long time ago. But the CC signing has been great for the Yankees. Great work WIN METHOD. Love ya.